Evaporative coolers would save your wallet from getting dented with the high cost of electricity and maintenance that goes into keeping the technically complicated air conditioners operating. The cooler engenders effective cooling through a combination of natural evaporation with simple air movement system. Fresh air from outside is sucked through moist pads, cooled through evaporation and then mobilized through large blowers.
Evaporative cooling is ideally suited for home and office keeping in perspective the escalating cost of electricity and technology. A dramatic reduction of 75% electric use over air conditioning can be pulled off through energy efficient coolers. The simple technology of the cooler brings down its cost over air conditioner deployed for cooling the same sized area. Many enterprising companies offer wholesome rebates on electric use to consumers who choose to have whole house cooling systems installed. The installation cost of the cooler is negligible.
Evaporative Cooling – How it works
Evaporative cooling functions at 120V electricity that essentially do away with the need of installing high amperage circuits as air conditioners require. The cooler can simply be plugged into an electric outlet. The cooler serves the ulterior purpose of adding moisture to the ambient air that keeps the precious wooden furniture and fabrics from becoming dry over time. The moist pad that allows outside air to flow through also serve as efficient air filters and trap dust, pollen and other tangible pollutants from stepping in the breathable space. The continual wetting of pads causes the trapped pollutants to be flushed out and get deposited at the bottom of the cooler.
With air conditioners, one needs to strictly have the room sealed properly for the interior air to be effectively cooled and circulated. The evaporative coolers in contrast operate on the outside air, by virtue of which their effective functioning is guaranteed when a minimum of one window is kept open. The cooled exterior air pushes out warm inside air through the windows along with odors, smoke and pollutants that may exist.
Evaporative Cooling – Benefits
The evaporative cooling brings about complete overhaul of the interior air every one to five minutes. The circulation of fresh air implies that the cooler can be made to function without invoking the active use of water pump for replacing hot, stale air with cooler breeze of the night, similar to a fan. This comes as an added advantage with coolers. Mini coolers can be positioned in windows like a window air conditioner with bare minimum installation.
Heavier units may call forth the use of ducts for effectively distributing the air. A majority of coolers can work efficiently without requiring the quantum of ductwork as air conditioning. A newly effected system can work with a short duct which is effective in directing the cooled air to a central location in the home or office. From that point, the air can be circulated through the various chambers just by managing proper synchronization of door and windows opening and closing for the cooled air to find its path across the rooms. This is the best alternative to save a handful on energy front in your home and offices.


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