Solar Power Your Home!

With staggering energy costs and an increasing pressure to cut carbon emissions, it’s hardly surprising that the government is backing renewables like solar power. If you jump on the bandwagon now, you could be in for an average annual return of about £1000, tax-free.

Demand for green energy solutions continues to rise and it’s hardly surprising that the government is backing solar energy to replace traditional energy sources. Solar generated power allows us to make use of daylight in order to generate electricity, without releasing any carbon emissions. To encourage householders to invest in solar PV systems, the government has introduced Feed-in Tariffs (FIT). By switching to solar power you will not only make a tremendous difference to the environmental impact that fossil fuels have on the planet, but will also be looking at a serious reduction of your electricity bill as well as a guaranteed annual return from the energy you produce and sell back to the grid.

In order for you to have your own solar PV system installed, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you will need a sunny place to fit the panels. The best place is a roof or a wall facing within 90 degrees of south, ideally without anything overshadowing it, like trees, buildings etc. The sunnier it is where you place the panels, the more energy you generate. If the panels are going on your roof rather than on a wall or a free standing mounting system, make sure the roof is strong enough. Solar panels are quite heavy and it’s important to make sure the roof can take the weight. Always consult an installer or construction expert.

Make hay while the sun shines. Your energy supplier pays households for generating their own electricity. If you produce more energy than you use yourself, your supplier will pay you 3.1p for every unit (kilowatt hour) you feed back into the network. These payments are in addition to the Clean Energy Cashback Scheme, or Feed-in Tariffs, the government incentive to boost green energy, where the going rate for solar PV is 43.3p/unit generated. For the Feed-in Tariff to apply the installation must be made by a certified MCS installer. Feed-in Tariff payments are guaranteed by the Clean Energy Cashback Scheme for 25 years.

As an example, an average household with a 2.0 kWp solar PV system could make about £700 per year, depending on what type of panels you choose to go for. You would also make an additional £30 for generating energy that you then export back to the grid, and would be saving an average of £100 per year on your energy bills. This mounts up to a total of around £1,100 per year, assuming that 50% of the energy is exported. This is a pretty good deal for individual householders as well as for the rest of the planet, so really there’s no reason not to let the sun power your home!

About the author:
Malin Fors has a degree in English and Environmental Science and works for a company providing solar panel installation in London.

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