The latest green energy buzz is being generated about solar panels. Cost has drastically reduced in recent times due to a number of factors. This includes lower manufacturing costs from China where they have the ability to mass produce PV panels far cheaper than any European countries. The government has also pledged to help with special grants aimed at making prices lower for home owners. They also have the Warm Front scheme which is aimed at ensuring those who are financially challenged get electricity cheap.

One of the most popular topics this past year has been free solar panels. The media have reported on this in great detail with mixed opinions. On one side of the argument people can get free panels installed and therefore free electricity. The companies offering free solar panels are committed to their maintenance for the next 25 years. After that the panels are the property of the home owner. This could turn out to be a burden.

The free solar panels offers are likely to end in 2012 due to government regulations. It simply will not be worth it for the installers. The current schemes offer an excellent deal though and are certainly still worth looking into. Anyone with a south facing roof qualifies for free panels. Home owners can typically expect to receive 30% of the electricity generated. This mounts up to a substantial saving on electricity bills over the next 25 years or so. The installer gets to sell the balance of the generated electricity back to the national grid. The change in rates expected in spring 2012 looks set to put an end to this free way to get electricity.

Anyone who can afford the cost of solar panels will find that they stand to save more money by purchasing them outright. Prices are at their lowest ever but there will still be a sizable initial outlay. This is a great long term investment and will certain help reduce your carbon footprint. You can visit solar panels cost to get quotes online for an installation. They will connect you with up to 3 local installers who will provide quotations and inform you of any schemes or grants which you can take advantage of.

The UK has a growing network of PV panels installers and competition means that consumers are now getting great prices. Any UK home owner can visit and take advantage of their easy online service. Even in a country such as the UK which regularly gets only a few hours of sunlight every day, there is plenty of savings to be had on electricity bills.


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