Attempts to create an all green household can prove tricky. There are tips and tricks, such as ensuring insulation to trap heat and lower heating bills, that can be utilised alongside common sense – i.e. making sure that access towards appropriate recycling facilities exists. However, there are further, and more obscure steps, that can be taking towards improving a carbon footprint and really upping green credentials. Selecting wooden blinds, for example, constitutes an interior design option that could, in the long term, prove beneficial to the environment. Whereas a plastic bottle may take up to 100 years to fully biodegrade, wooden blinds may take as little as thirteen year. There are, too, more obvious benefits.

Another benefit that wooden blinds can help deliver is sustainability – unlike materials made from plastic, those derived from petroleum, wood constitutes a natural re-usable and replenishable resource which can be used a multitude of times. Locally created and sold wood products are amongst the most environmentally friendly goods on the market as there is no carbon footprint involved in flying in materials and the goods can be manually recycled at the end of their life span.

Creating wooden products, including blinds, also causes a much slighter burden on the environment than the one caused through the creation of goods derived from man-made materials. Byproducts of goods created from natural materials, in this instance wood, are also much less harmful than those created by synthetic materials. Many manmade products are toxic or, at the very least, use monomers to manufacture them which are highly likely to be toxic.

Blinds can, furthermore, help their owners decrease their expenditure and carbon footprint also in the area of energy expenditure. Wooden blinds can help their owners maintain a greater degree of control regarding temperature in their homes – lowered blinds during a day’s beginning in summer time can help reduce the temperatures indoors. On a similar note, lowered blinds in the cold winter months can help trap heat inside a home and negate or decrease the need for electrical heaters at nights.

Lighting is another issue that blinds can help with and also they can help provide greater insulation to a home than more conventional or traditional window treatments such as drapes or curtains. Wood, as a material, is a great insulator and, even when used alongside other window treatments, can help further green savings.

Whereas wooden blinds allow the greatest degree of control over these areas over blinds, such as roller blinds, vertical blinds and roman blinds, also can help improve a home’s green credentials and decrease an individual’s carbon footprint exponentially.

Kieron Casey is a BA (Hons) Journalism graduate who blogs regularly on a number of topics including IT equipment, small business advice, money saving advice and green issues.


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