We all know how hard it is to motivate ourselves to want to complete projects during the week, then when the weekend comes it is even harder to be motivated to want to spend time outside fixing problems. But not all weekend projects are difficult to complete, and many can be “easy wins” over the weekend, that you can complete and check off your list. Here are some of the projects that can be completed in a relatively short amount of time, but can provide needed improvements.

1.       Touch up Paint

If you are like most homeowners, you have painted your house but neglected to touch up the areas that were overlapped when painting accent colors. Many people spend years at their homes without ever spending 20 minutes to touch up the spots that leave a less then desired look. Doing this will help your house value in the long run as when you go to sell it, it will look completely finished, and less touch up paint will be required.

2.       Invest in Green Products

Whether it is replacing you old shower head with a new low flow one, adding an aerator to your faucet, or installing CFL’s instead of your old light bulbs, there are many easy improvements you can make that will lower you electricity bill and help you save energy. By far, the easiest thing to do is to replace you light bulbs with CFL’s.  Doing this will help you save a good amount of money throughout the life of the bulb and is a small investment to both purchase and install. In addition, installing a low flow showerhead is an easy weekend project that takes little time to complete but has a great benefit by saving water.

3.       Clean Out the Gutters

This is one of the most overlooked “keeping up your home” tasks. I will admit it is definitely not in the fun category, but it is easy to do and will help prolong the life and beauty of your house. Grab a ladder and a power sprayer and hop up on the roof and spray them out. The water will flow better and there will be less build up during the rainy season, which can lead to damage for your roof.

4.       Upgrade your bathroom hardware

Another simply and effective project that can be done in a weekend is replacing some of that old bathroom hardware that has seen better days. Whether it is the towel bar, toilet paper holder, robe hook or all of the above, these pieces can be easily removed and new versions installed. Pick a new finish and start making your bathroom look the way you have always wanted it to.

5.       Fix the Leaky faucet

Another easy fix for a weekend project is to get rid of the leaky faucet. Leaky faucets can be responsible for 1000s of gallons of water wasted a year if they are not addressed, but with a little online research, even someone with no plumbing knowledge can figure out how to uninstall and reinstall a faucet in no time. Invest in a beautiful new faucet and get rid of that water waster this weekend.

These are a few of the projects that can be easily accomplished over a weekend and lead to great results. A lot of the products talked about in this guide can be cheaper if you look online instead of in store at home improvement websites. This does mean you have to plan ahead, but you can save money if you have the time available.

If you have any other recommendations for projects to complete over the weekend make sure you leave them in comments.


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