What to look for when buying an oak cupboard

Not everyone is a furniture expert, so when it comes to buying oak furniture, such as oak cupboards, you need to do some research first to make sure that you are not paying too much for your furniture or buying something which is not as good quality as you would ideally like.

Solid Oak

Some pieces of furniture such as cupboards are not always made of 100% solid oak. This is because they can hide inferior wood in areas of the furniture that may not be seen. For example, the frame work may be made of pine or the base and back of the cupboards may be made of chipboard or plywood.  Obviously these pieces of furniture so not have the same value as a piece of 100% oak furniture, so this is something that you will need to look for.

Quality Fittings

There is little point in having a piece of solid oak furniture if you have cheap hinges and door handles on the cupboard as this will cause issues with the doors opening over the years. This can then lead to doors rubbing on the frame and damaging the furniture. Even smaller things down to the quality of the screws used in the construction of the furniture will have an effect on how long the furniture lasts and how much it will be worth when you come to sell it.


Depending on the style of the furniture that you are ordering and where you are ordering it from, you may have a choice of whether the furniture is “unfinished”, ie natural without any stain or colouring on it, or “finished” in a finish of your choice. There are a wide range of stains and penetrating oils which can be used to give your oak cupboard the look that you want.

Reputable Manufacturer

The final thing to check is that the company you are buying the furniture through has a reputation of producing high quality pieces of oak furniture. It is best to avoid the large chains which turn out low quality furniture in bulk as they will be fairly low quality compared to some of the furniture available from specialist oak furniture suppliers. Alternatively a good quality local carpenter may be able to create you a bespoke piece of furniture which meets all your requirements; however you will need to check the quality of their previous work before ordering it.


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