There’s one basic set of facts about public space interiors- They’re big, they’re costly, and they can be expensive to maintain. The average public space carpet takes a lot of wear and tear, and so can the maintenance budget. The trick is to get ahead of the problems, anticipate costs and lock in hard dollar figures for the life of the carpet.

Issues for Carpets in Public Spaces

Being a “public space” builds in several major issues for managers:

  • Presentation – There are basic standards of design and condition for any type of public space flooring. For carpet, the standards are good colour and state of repair.
  • Risk Management – Carpet is used in public spaces partly as a safety feature. The reduced risk of injury from falls on carpet is one of the primary considerations, but the carpet itself must also be in good condition with no trip hazards like seams or loose areas.
  • Carpet Quality – The fact is that the old style industrial carpets, good as they were, usually aren’t up to standard for public spaces. The need is for a very durable, long lasting carpet with strong design standards.
  • Budget – As all public building managers are well aware, every dollar winds up on a spreadsheet somewhere. Cost of these big carpets needs to be factored and nailed down ahead of outlays.

Cost Management

Depending on the size of the area, a public space carpet can be several hundred square meters of “interesting” issues. The absolute bottom line is that any type of public area flooring or commercial flooring must be subject to strict quality and cost controls. Interestingly, it’s actually easier to do this with carpets. Unlike other types of flooring, carpets are cost-assessable as a standalone item over budget periods.

A stone floor, hardwood, tiles or other types of flooring may be theoretically “forever”, but these types of flooring are subject to damage. This can require expensive maintenance and continual cleaning and polishing. They may also include public liability issues like slip hazards requiring expensive non-slip treatments.

carpet, on the other hand, provides protection from hazards on a definite cost base. One of the reasons airports and other major public space managers are phasing in carpets is that the new range of carpets now coming on the market is infinitely more budget-friendly.

New technology has made a huge difference to carpet design and costing:

The new carpet option is a type of carpet tile which has its own individual backing, with no need for underlay. This is a massive cost-saver in its own right.

  • The carpet tiles are glued together. This means no seams and related wear and tear issues.
  • Carpet tiles can be replaced almost instantly, unlike old-style carpets which required “major production” efforts and costs.
  • Digital technology and new manufacturing methods have made it possible to customize carpet manufacturing. You can now literally “create” a custom carpet online, ask for a quote, and get the carpet made to specifications.  If replacements are required, you’ve got the pattern saved on your order information.
  • These new carpet tiles can take any level of traffic. They’re long-lasting products, making them cheaper over their product life.

If you’re looking for better options for your public space flooring, you’ve found them. Check out the costs and design options. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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