Using carpeting as a cost management asset.

Anybody who’s ever seen a public building management budget will know that flooring has a tendency to be a major cost issue. Repairs, maintenance, safety and even cleaning can be big budget items, particularly in large buildings. There’s a new commercial flooring solution which is drastically improving the bottom line for businesses and is ideal for public buildings generally- Sustainable carpet technology. This is a new type of carpet which provides clearly defined cost benefits across the entire spectrum of building management issues.

The real trouble with public building flooring can easily be described in three words- Wear and tear. Even stone floors deteriorate, sometimes badly, and other types of flooring like laminates or tiles can also create issues as a result of damage. The alternative option is carpet, which is a lot more easily manageable and less of a risk management issue than these hard surfaces. Old style carpet, usually the broadloom type, had its problems too, but the new modular carpet tiles are a very different story.

Carpets and cost management

These new carpets are quite literally a different type of flooring. They’re “modular” in the sense that they can be configured to any environment, using a vast range of colour schemes and patterns. They can be installed very quickly, because they don’t use underlay. The carpet tiles have their own individual backing. They don’t have the conventional stitched seams either, using glue instead to effectively create a seamless and therefore much stronger join between tiles. These characteristics also mean they can be repaired and replaced very quickly, unlike other types of flooring which can make the premises look like a building site when undergoing basic maintenance.

If you’re now seeing a large range of ongoing cost benefits for these carpets, you’re quite right. There’s one more feature of the new carpets which is also a very high value characteristic- They’re tough. They’re extremely durable, and ideal for high traffic areas. The best known modular carpets are none other than the airport carpets you’ll probably have seen in at least one or two airports which both look and feel different to conventional carpets. These are the new, very heavy duty carpets, designed to take that sort of massive traffic every day.

The airport carpets are also a good indicator of the cost benefits of the new modular carpets in practice. Airport carpets have to cover a huge area. The economics of flooring in this industry equate to millions of dollars. Maintenance costs can be extremely expensive, too. The better economic option for the airports was to install long-life, easy maintenance carpets to contain costs and ensure best value for money.

This all-purpose range of cost benefits also applies to industries like the hospitality, retail and commercial building industry, which have the added problem of requiring very high quality presentation for their premises. The new modular carpets can be custom-designed for any business environment using special visualization technology which has become so popular in the interior design industry that it’s now considered best practice in this profession as well.

If you’re looking for solutions to your public building flooring, you’ve found them. Talk to a supplier and you’ll find exactly what you need.




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