Sitting out in the garden is one of the most popular ways of relaxing.  Most homeowners well spend a lot of time and money making sure that their garden is neat and tidy so that they can really enjoy any opportunity that they have of being outside.  Adding features to the garden, such as decking and patios is a popular move, and of course beautiful trees and flowers are a must.  However, one area that can often be overlooked is that of wildlife.  The enjoyment that you can experience in your garden can be greatly enhanced by attracting wildlife to it that you can view as you sit back and de-stress.  Here we consider the option of using wild bird seed to attract birds to your garden.

A variety of options

There are numerous wild bird seed options available that are specially designed to attract different kinds of birds.  So if you want to brighten up your garden with a multitude of colourful birds you should consider wild bird seed mixes that incorporate a mix of seeds and grains.  These types of mixes are ideal for many brightly coloured birds, including the Finch family.  Alternatively it could be that you enjoy listening to songbirds chirping away in your garden.  If this is the case then look for wild bird seed options that incorporate a mix of fruits, which will attract the soft billed songbirds.

Placing your bird feed

Birds don’t have a particularly good sense of smell and rely on sight to find their food.  Therefore it is important to place wild bird seed in locations that are highly visible.  You should also consider the bird’s safety and make sure that they are well protected from predators whilst feeding.  Using bird feeders that can be hung is a great way of keeping the wild bird seed off the ground and away from cats.  However, some birds will not use feeders and will instead feed on the ground.  In such instances be sure to place the feed in areas that are in the open and where birds can spot the approach of any predators.

Optional extras

As well as providing wild bird seed, you can also encourage birds into your garden through other means.  Consider adding bird tables, baths and boxes; all of which should help bring birds to your garden and increase the likelihood of them staying longer on each visit.


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