Around the world today are many unusual homes unlike anything that a normal homeowner might choose to live in.  Houses built by architects who have turned their dreams into reality and created something far outside the square.  Most push the normal boundaries of what we believe is possible, with some of these unusual homes looking like they should not even be standing.

Toilet house

Believe it or not but out there in Suweon in South Korea stands a home the shape of a toilet.  A multi storey building, it was built for Sim Jae-Duck who once lived in the structure which is built from concrete and glass in recognition of the launch of the World Toilet Association.  Sim Jae-Duck himself was actually born into a toilet, and he dedicates his life’s work towards establishing clean toilets everywhere.  Today the house is a museum to mark the history and importance of the toilet.

Upside down house

A tourist attraction in the small village of Szymbark in Poland, the upside down house was built by a Polish businessman named Daniel Czapiewski.  He built it as a statement and reaction to the communist era and how he saw the state of the world.  His company would normally build a home in three weeks but this took one hundred and fourteen days as his builders found themselves confused by the angles of the walls.  Another upside down house was built in 2010 in Germany in a zoo.  At seven metres in height the builders described it as a crazy project.  Inside the furniture is held in place with steel plates and screws.

Bubble house

The bubble house is a series of unusual dome shapes of all different sizes built in Tourettes-sur-Loup in France, overlooking the Mediterranean. Designed by Hungarian Antti Lovag in the 1970s the home is rounded on both the outside and inside, with décor and sculptures that match, even down to the round beds.  At the centre there is a garden with a waterfall and stream.  It is a futuristic home, although at the same time an organic structure made to blend in with its surroundings.

Stone house

In the Fafe Mountains of Portugal is a house built between two giant stones held together with concrete. This home is believed to have been built with inspiration from the cartoon ‘The Flintstones’.  Although it does look like an enormous stone it does have traditional features like a front door, windows and a shingled roof.  It has, naturally, become a popular tourist attraction.

Cube houses

Known as the Kubuswoningen, it is a set of houses built in The Netherlands by the architect Piet Blom. The cube space of a normal shaped house has been tilted on an angle of forty five degrees and is resting on a hexagon shaped pylon.  It was designed to represent a village within a city and each house represents a tree, and together the houses are the forest.  Each house has three floors, with the living room and open kitchen being on the first floor, above there are two bedrooms and a bathroom and the third floor can be used as a garden.

The normal extras of security doors and security screens, verandas and a two car garage hardly seem to be the type of addition these architects had in mind.


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