Steel kit homes are increasingly popular all over developed economies. If you have ever owned a steel frame home, you will know how practical they are, and how well they stand up. After 7 years of home ownership, I am completely amazed at the durability of the structure. Cracking paint lines along where walls and ceilings meet, or down door trims, are non-existent. This is not the case with many other traditional building types. Buying and building a home is easier than you may think, although you will still need the usual building permits.

  • Kit package. These steel homes continue to weather the storms in top shape. Homes come in a range of sizes and can be modified. Change the walls and size of your home on the provider’s application package, and your materials will be calculated and pre-cut on the factory floor.
  • Cost savings. The majority of these homes are built by the owner, or at least with a large amount of homeowner participation. This can mean you can push along the progress of your building. The traditional building sector is plagued by extended construction downtimes, and thankfully, this is rarely an issue with homes that go together just like they should. Homes that are completed on time, and you can contribute while you learn as you go, certainly cost less money.
  • Eco-friendly. Green home kits are also becoming increasingly popular for obvious reasons. These homes are produced to meet green building certification. Many vendors have other additional products, or have relationships with suppliers of solar panels, PV electric systems, rainwater tanks and bio-tank suppliers. A home off the grid will be up and running and cost a lot less than a traditional build.
  • The Foundation. Construction of a steel building needs a very solid base. The foundation is the most important element of the structure. If you are lucky enough to have a boulder of granite bigger than an ordinary family home like me, it will do just fine. If that is not the case, make sure your builder puts in that extra effort before you begin pouring. Make sure you lift your house a good 6 feet off the ground. It will be cleaner, and you will stop the nasties getting in.
  • Decision making time. Home kits come in a huge array of sizes, including very large homes. You should know they are very strong and can withstand the nastiest of storms and hurricane-force winds. Some vendors will supply a complete package, from assistance with your building permit, transportation and delivery, right through to paving your driveway. Others are more focused on the builder side of the business, and the option of building yourself will add a new level of satisfaction, once complete.

Steel frame kit homes are the answer you are looking for. Increase your participation in your build, and pay a better price for you what you are getting. If they can stand the harsh conditions of rural regions, then they can take any suburb or city has to offer.


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