Power bills can soar for a number of reasons throughout the year. Our list of tips are guaranteed to help you dramatically cut your power bill, whilst still remaining comfortable in your home.

It’s easy to blow the budget with an outrageously sized power bill especially in the thick of winter or the warmest months in summer. There are however a few things you can do around your home to reduce these nasty bills. From installing an energy efficient air conditioner to insulating your home we’ve got a great range of tips guaranteed to save you money:

Choosing the right system to cool/heat your home

There are many different types of systems you can have installed in your home which will cool your home in Summer and keep it warm in Winter. An energy efficient reverse cycle air conditioner will not only do the job well, but will help you to cut costs. Choosing an energy efficient unit is a much better long term investment than a lower rating unit that may be cheaper upfront so keep that in mind when you’re looking to buy.

In fact, installing energy efficient appliances throughout your home from the laundry to the kitchen is a great way to cut costs. Energy efficient appliances and white goods use less power to do the same job so they don’t guzzle up as much energy, and this will be reflected in your next power bill.

Turn off appliances at the source

Many people don’t know this, but even when your television is off, it’s in a mode where there is still a level of energy consumption. A great way to completely save on your energy costs is to turn lights and other appliances off at the power point either when you are going away or as regularly as possible. It may seem like a hassle but doing this small task can save you money each year.

Get insulated

By insulating your home you can protect it from the harsh climate outside. It can help reduce the load on your and also help you to save on the running costs too.

Run your appliances during off peak times

Doing your washing during off peak times can save you lots of money each week. If you’re not keen on the whole idea of late night clothes washing you can always put it on a timer and have it go off at a certain time. Do your research and find out when the peak periods are for power and try to run everything from dishwashers to air conditioners in off peak periods.

External areas of your home

If you find your home gets too much sun ad heats up quickly, it’s a good idea to install shades and awnings on your windows to block the harsh sun which will help you save on cooling costs. If you have a real problem in winter with harsh winds there are many fencing contractors who can advise you about the right sort of fencing to help protect your home shielding it from harsh conditions.

Reducing your power bill is easy if you follow a few simple steps. I hope our list of tips has given you some useful ideas that you can implement around your home that will make receiving your power bill a stress free experience.


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