Benefits of a steel frame home include it being strong and lightweight, it is fire and pest resistant and it is environmentally friendly.

A steel frame home has many benefits.  You can easily build your own steel frame as kit homes come with a choice of either a timber or steel frames.  Kit homes in Victoria and all over Australia are being constructed with steel frames and many people are discovering the benefits of this type of home.

Strong and lightweight

Steel frame work is both strong and lightweight as well as durable.  It can resist water and fire damage and will maintain its shape.  Because it is strong it means that you don’t have to have load baring walls, which means you can design your home to have rooms of any size that you wish.  A steel frame will give you the flexibility to have a home with larger rooms and of any design you choose as well.  Their strength is also put to the test during storms and other destructive weather.

Fire resistant

A steel frame work is also fire resistant and means that if there is a house fire or a bush fire you will not have to rebuild your entire home if you are affected.  A steel frame will withstand a fire and will save you having to rebuild it as well as saving you money.

Pest resistant

A steel frame is also pest resistant.  A timber frame can be damaged by termites and borers and this can be extremely damaging to your entire home.  Structural damage that is caused by pests will lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and in really bad cases it is easier to simply replace the damaged sections.  Termites are very small but do a lot of damage and this damage can remain undetected until it is too late.  They feed on wood and live in large colonies meaning an infestation can completely destroy a home.  Having a steel frame will eliminate this problem.

Environmentally friendly

For a more environmentally friendly option choose a steel framed home over a timber frame.  Using steel means less trees cut down for timber frames and also less pollution in the production of timber planks as timber mills create a fair bit of waste.  A steel frame will also last longer, there is less waste material during production, the steel can be recycled and it is easier to transport.


A steel frame kit home is a more affordable way to own and build your own home.  A steel frame is easy to construct and by choosing a kit home with a steel frame it is making it easier for you to construct your home yourself.  A kit home will come with comprehensive instructions as to how to build it and the steel will come delivered in the correct size pieces to put the frame work together.  It is also more affordable because it is quick to put together, so if you do choose to hire a builder for the job then their hours of labour will be greatly reduced, therefore costing you a lot less.


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