Verandas will not only improve the look of your home but will also increase its value. Whether you choose to have a veranda on one side of the house or extend it all the way around, a veranda will also create much needed shade around your home in summer and protect your house from the elements in winter. Retractable awnings can also provide shelter but are not permanent as you can roll them back.


To create shade in your outdoor area, a veranda is a perfect solution.  A veranda around your home will help keep your home cooler in summer and protect your home from the weather.  If you have a shaded area outside you are more likely to use your back garden. Set up some outdoor furniture on your veranda and relax.

Increase your home’s value

Like any additions that you might make to your home, a veranda will certainly add value.  A veranda is a permanent structure and if you decide to build one you need to be certain that it is going to work in the spot you have chosen.  You will also need to contact your local council as you will need to be issued with a building permit.

Protect your home

Installing a veranda around your home will not only improve the aesthetics it will also protect the exterior of your home against the weather.  If you have weatherboards, it will help protect the paint, which can fade quite dramatically in the sun and it will also stop heavy rain and hail storms from damaging windows.

Protect your furniture

Having a veranda will also protect your furniture as less sunlight will come through your windows and fall across your furniture.  Sunlight can cause fabric to fade over time and can also damage paintings and prints.

Entertainment area

By adding a veranda to your home you can create an entertainment area in your back garden. You can even extend it out a little further so it covers a larger area and then provides shelter for a barbecue, your outdoor furniture and even an outdoor kitchen.  A veranda will essentially increase the size of your living area and will give you the option to move your indoors outside.

Decrease your electricity bills

A veranda will cast shade across your windows which will then help to keep the inside of your home cooler for longer, meaning that you won’t need to use your air conditioning as much, which will in turn see a decrease in your electricity bills.

Outdoor play area

If you often keep the children indoors because it is either too hot or too wet, then having a veranda will change this.  No matter what the weather, you can let your children play outside without fear of them getting sunburnt or wet when it rains.

Change the look of your home

If you feel that your home looks a little unfinished, or if it doesn’t have awnings, then a Veranda will completely change the look of your home.  Depending on the style of veranda you choose you can even have your home look more like a period home.

Help sell your home

A veranda is an added feature that will also give your home more appeal, which is beneficial when you go to sell your home.

A dry area

By having a veranda you are also creating a dry area where you can put your clothes horse or you can attach a clothesline to the wall.  This way you can get your washing dry no matter what the weather.


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