Getting expert advice about office maintenance

Sometimes commercial cleaning issues can reveal major problems. You may be surprised to learn that you have expert flooring advice on tap when you need it from your office cleaning services. Contract cleaners are experts on these issues, because they have to manage all sorts of different types of commercial situations and environments.

Their cleaning work is directly related to the actual condition of the office environment. They’re responsible for maintaining these areas, and they’ll know what the problems are. This sort of information is invaluable for helping make decisions about office conditions, because it identifies specific problems that can cost big money.

Commercial spaces issues

The truth is that unless you keep your office maintenance on a firm leash, costs can run away. There are a range of health issues which need to be addressed in terms of OHS as well as maintaining a good working space in your office for your staff and clients.

The issues are:

  • Health- Some office environments can become unhealthy simply because the carpet is old and contains a lot of grit, pollen and dust which can set off respiratory and allergic reactions. One of the least known, and most dangerous, of all office issues are fungal spores. These tiny spores are universal in the global environment, and can be toxic, even for healthy people. They can grow and destroy carpet and even timber.
  • Hygiene- One of the most common issues in older commercial premises is that lack of maintenance and buildup of grime over the years can create a very unhealthy working environment. All it takes is one sloppy occupant to create a lot of problems.
  • Flooring- Flooring is the largest single surface in use in any building. It’s also where most of the environmental problems originate. Old carpets, deteriorating or damaged floor surfaces are potentially dangerous hazards in public or work spaces which can all add up to possible major costs for commercial building owners and managers. Risks include public and OHS liabilities.

How your cleaners can help solve your office issues

Modern industrial cleaning is more of a science than ever before. Professional cleaners can provide a very large range of solutions to these problems, including:

  • Full maintenance cleaning- This is a real “top to bottom” process using modern chemicals and advanced equipment which is extremely effective in dealing with the various health and environmental issues described above.
  • Flooring restoration- Carpet restoration involves resealing and deep cleaning carpets to remove grit, allergens and grime. These treatments also reduce the effects of grit on the carpet fibers and make the carpet easier to keep clean. Surface restoration may require special treatments to resurface hard floor surfaces, and has the advantage of preventing further wear and tear.

Advisory services- For many office environmental issues, your cleaners can be a virtual one stop shop for advice. These people are tradespeople, and there’s not much they don’t know about commercial environments and their problems. Whether it’s a smell, a stain or a major issue with office hygiene, they can help and provide guidance and solutions. They’re also experts on environmental health issues.



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