As a UK resident I have recently used the services of a chartered surveyors Leeds regarding a party wall matter following a disagreement with my neighbour.  Both parties agreed to use a randomly selected and therefore independent chartered surveyors Leeds to help us come to an agreement over an issue that had been causing problems for a few weeks.  The help that they provided was very useful and enabled my neighbour and me to reach and amicable agreement that we were both happy with.  As we have been quite friendly in the past I was happy that the assistance we received meant that we didn’t end up causing irreparable damage to the relationship.  Whilst the surveyor was carrying out his work I did a little research into the services that they provided and was surprised at just how many areas of dispute they can get involved in.  So in this article I will outline the services that you can expect to gain from chartered surveyors Leeds and indeed any other UK based chartered surveyors.

Building Surveys

An in-depth look at the overall condition of a property, which is carried out at the request of someone who is considering purchasing the building.  The survey will flag up any repairs that may need making and the costs in addition to any other matters that require specific attention.  The survey helps to form a balanced decision on the overall suitability and price of the property.  Building surveys are usually carried out on older or listed buildings where there are suspected problems or an increased likelihood of problems.

Home Buyer Survey reports

Very much the same as a building survey, but more suited to newer properties that are under 150 years of age and built in a conventional manner and appear to be in good condition.  The survey is carried out using a standard form that has been created by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Valuation Reports

As you would expect, a valuation report is simply an accurate valuation of your property at a certain point in time.  Property owners can require an up to date valuation of their property for many reasons, including; capital gains tax calculations, part exchange on another property, insurance rebuilding calculations etc.

Party Wall Matters

This applies to work that is carried out on a boundary wall between two neighbours.  Such work can often cause disputes and chartered surveyors may be required to settle a dispute.  They can also provide advice on how any work should be carried out, such as working hours and contractors’ insurance.

Matrimonial Valuations

Following the separation of a couple these services can be provided by an impartial surveyor to give an accurate valuation of the property.  The valuation is then used during legal proceedings regarding how the property will be split between the two parties.

Probate Valuations

This again relates to the valuation of the property and takes place following the death of the owner.  It allows the executioner of the deceased’s will to work out whether there is sufficient value in the deceased’s estate to cover any liabilities that they have.  The remaining estate is then subject to inheritance tax at 40% for any amount above £325,000.

Commercial Surveys

Very much the same as a normal residential property survey; but instead involving a property intended for commercial use.  These can be especially important due to the fact that commercial properties are often much more expensive than residential properties.  This type of survey is also advisable when intending to rent a commercial property.

Expert Witness

A surveyor can be employed as an expert witness during court cases to provide specialist opinion on a certain matter.  Most cases will usually involve matrimonial disputes or party wall matters.

Rent Reviews

This service relates to advice provided when considering renewing a rental agreement on a commercial property.  It will provide a realistic rental price and can also offer negotiations on the client’s behalf.


This relates to instances where a property is handed back to the landlord following a rental period in a bad state of repair.  In such cases the landlord can serve the tenant with a ‘Schedule of Dilapidations’ which requires them to make repairs to the property or pay for damage.  A will offer advice and give evidence on the damage to the property.



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