It doesn’t matter if you live in a rented flat or a mansion, it matters if you have or not have flowers in your home. Even one flower on your dining table will add life and brighten up your day. It is especially important to nurture love for flowers now, in our high-tech obsessed world. You do not need to make deep research of flowers meaning, or any theory of how they have good impact on your emotion.

You only need to have them beside you and give them a minute of attention. Then spontaneously you will find yourself planting one in a small pot, and then another, then a third one and so on until you plant your small garden of heaven. For some, like me, that is not the end.

I live in a small apartment but luckily with two balconies. You can guess, both are filled with flowers. My next step was to have permission from my neighbors to take care of the garden in front of our building. Most of my neighbors are old and were very happy to hear that someone will flourish their doorstep. I started with small evergreen plants.


Now, after 2 books for indoor and outdoor planting, my regular reading of online gardening articles, and the occasional visit of the local florists,, I have enriched my home and my yard with over 50 types of flowers. Is it a bit obsessive? Perhaps it is. But let me tell you -it’s meditative and it nurtures your soul and your general health.

If you decide to try the power of flowering, you’ll be happy to know that you can also practice your art and design side. You can combine them by color, by type of flowers, plants. You can add as many DIY ideas as you wish and have fun. For sure there is also a serious side of this passion. It takes time and it has own obligations.

It is very important to know where to plant the flowers, how often each plant needs watering, fertilizing, pruning and step by step, you will also need to know the tips how to transplant new flowers – should it be from root or from cuttings. Of course there will be times when you will have more dead plants then live and repeat same mistakes over and over again. There will be times when you will simply want to quit. But once you understand the most important tip, you will have no boundaries to get your garden of heaven – you must take care of them with love. Like in everything in life, love makes the difference.

Every true florist can confirm you that if you talk gently or even have gentle thoughts while you care for the flowers, they will grow faster and be more beautiful than without this emotional fertilizer. There might not be lot of research on this but for sure there is evidence among common people. For the biggest sceptics, at least it is reversible process. As often you are gentle, calm and spread happy feelings that often you will be affected by them. Like I mentioned above, it is like meditation. If you need more practical arguments, then there are these too:

- Many plants and flowers have special effect to rappel mosquitoes or other insects ;

- Some houseplants are improving the indoor air quality – even NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America have studied them and concluded this fact. For example the Gerber daisy filters the trichloroethylene, caused by your dry cleaning. The Snake plant is filtering out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products or personal care products. The blooms of the Chrysanthemum help filter out benzene, which is commonly found in paint, plastics and detergent.

- You can grow spices in your kitchen if you love to cook.

If after all, you don’t have the time or energy, there is always the option to hire professional florist or horticulturist to arrange and help you with the decoration.

Whatever you choose, write down this Chinese saying and remind yourself that:

“If you want to be happy for an hour, get drunk – if you want to be happy for a day, get married – if you want to be happy for life, plant a garden “