The best way to protect against fire risks is planning. It takes only 2-3 breaths of toxic smoke to render an adult unconscious so in the event of a serious fire there will be little to nothing that you can do unless you know where to go and how to cope with the situation. This article will consider some of the ways you can prepare yourself and your family for the worst.

Fire Extinguishers

Position Fire Extinguishers in high risk areas of your home. Areas such as the kitchen and laundry create fire risks because they house flammable materials and use a lot of electricity. In these areas it is wise to have fire extinguishers ready for use so that you can tackle small and isolated fires. An extinguisher should never be used before the fire department has been contacted because you cannot tell how quickly the fire will spread.


Exercise caution with Electricity because a strained circuit can fuse and ignite a fire. Overloading a socket is very dangerous because the pressure will generate large amounts of heat. Similarly, using an extension cord when it is wound up is very dangerous because the wire will overheat. It is wise to turn off all electrical items when they are not in use and it is important not to leave items such as electrical heaters unattended when they are on.

Smoke Alarms

Install Smoke Alarms to provide an early warning system for fire. The highest risk time is during the night when you are asleep. A fire alarm will enable you to be warned that there is a fire raging in your house before it has spread and cut off your escape routes. In order to avoid the dangers of a spreading fire you need to know that it is taking place immediately, so it is vital to install fire alarms in every room in your house. Alarms require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them in good working order. You will need to change the batteries at least twice a year and test the alarms on a regular basis.

Flammable Substances

Containers of Flammable Substances should be checked for safety on a regular basis. Be sure to check that all containers are air-tight and not leaking because a small spillage could be enough for a fire to spread quickly. Any rags which have been used to wipe up oil or any flammable liquid should be disposed of safely.

Ash Trays

Use Ash Trays when smoking and be sure never to smoke when drowsy. Forgotten cigarettes are one of the biggest causes of fires in homes so always be careful to stub cigarettes out when done.

Escape Plan

Develop an escape plan because this is the best way to create a safe environment. You should plan two alternative escape routes from anywhere in the house and ensure that all family members are able to escape by those routes. There should be a rendezvous point somewhere away from the house where the family should regroup in case of emergency. The most important element of any plan is practice and you should ensure that your family is well practiced in escaping from the building.


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