Having your very own home gives you the feeling of security and contentment. You feel like there is no other place to seek refuge. After a day’s work, you seek the air of calmness and tranquility in your own house. After all, no one wants to live in a messy and stressful house.

Decorations and furniture indeed improve the ambiance of your home. Plants also add a lot of character, in both the natural and physical aspects. Do not just entrust everything on furniture and the latest appliances to make your home look spic and span. Be inspired with traditional means, and use nature as a way to make your home neat and beautiful. Plants not only provide peace and tranquility; they can make a fresh scenery out of your home as well.

Here is a brief list of the 5 most popular house plants that you can grow to keep your home clean, calm and attractive:

1. Areca Palm

This plant is known by a lot of names, such as the Golden Cane Palm, Butterfly Palm or Areca Lutescens. It hails from Madagascar, where the natives consider it as a beautiful plant. It is also quite easy to maintain, maybe because it grows at a fast rate. Because of its exotic characteristics, the Areca palm can provide a tropical touch to your home as it purifies the air in the process. In fact, it is constantly rated as one of the best houseplants for its ability to remove all indoor air toxins.

2. Reed Palm

For so many years now, the Reed palm has been quite known because it is very easy to cultivate. It boasts of narrow leaflets with a unique, white-gray cast. This striking plant is also able to purify your hair at home.

3. Dwarf Date Palm

Compared to other palm plant types, the dwarf date is rather small. It can be placed anywhere—at home or out in the open. They do well in preserved environments, but they grow quite nicely under modest shades. Palm tree lovers in the North will find the dwarf date palm quite attractive for their homes.

4. Boston Fern

The thinly separated pinnae of this plant give a stunning and soft look. Because it is quite easy to maintain, many people love to grow this indoors. Boston ferns also make great decorative elements for interior home designs. You often see this plants resting along patios and house decks.

5. Janet Craig Dracaena

One of the most admired Dracaenas, it is primarily kept inside the house because of its ability to thrive under low light and its toleration to dryness. This plant has a sluggish growth rate, making it a perfect choice if you have a small room to spare.

Taking care of plants is a great hobby, and you can get a lot of fresh air from it. True enough, there are a lot of plants that require a great deal of money, patience and dedication for them to survive, but there are many affordable plants that will make you happy and relaxed.

Today is a significant point in time when modern technology makes you neglect what the natural environment can do to your life. Essentially, you should always make the most out of what nature can give, without abuse and neglect. Make sure you read a good quality air purifier review to get a gadget that can also clean the dust that the plants leave behind.


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