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The new Angry Birds of 2011?

Tiny Wings is telling us a story of a tiny bird, with tiny wings, who wants to fly in this big world, and that bird is going to spend his whole day trying to fly into the air. He can’t really fly because of his tiny wings, so he keeps falling down every time again. In his lection of flying, he is sliding along the ground, and sometimes can get in an upwards direction to fly for a little time, but the experience is not too long, because he is very fast returning to Mother Earth.
You can let this happen by tapping on the screen to tuck the birds wings and let go to let him fly.
So you will let him flapping his wings on the inclines and tuck in on the declines of the mountains. With this way you ride the hills on the ground faster, untill you get into the air. Then, when you are in the air you will have to tap to dive down trying to hit a hill, which is going down,  piece of land to hold your speed and fly again upwards.  By all the time you are being chased by the sunset, and if the sunset catches you, your game with the bird is over, and one of your friends can try it.
You just have to try to get as far as you can, before you get catched by the sunset. That’s the whole point of this easy, but very nice game!

Game trailer:
Tiny Wings Game Trailer

In the game you can get also a lot of achievements:

1: Pocket Money (10 Points) – Collect 100 Coins.
2: Island Hopper (10 Points) – Reach Island Number 4.
3: Tiny Slides (10 Points) – Perform seven Great Slides during a single game.
4: Touch the Clouds (15 Points) – Perform a single Cloudtouch with Nest during Level 2.
5: Tiny Fever (15 Points) – Perform 5s in Fever Mode with Nest on Level 2.
6: Early Points (15 Points) – With Nest Level 2 earn 5,000 Points on Island 1.
7: Tiny Flow (20 Points) – Do 1 Great Slide Directly After An Island Jump With Nest Level 3.
8: Odd Number Slide (20 Points) – Do 5 Great Slides On The 3rd Island With Nest Level 3.
9: Tiny Pirate (20 Points) – Collect 200 Coins With Nest Level 3.
10: Nervous Fever (25 Points) – Be 5 times In Fever Mode In One Game With Nest Level 4.
11: Too Fast For Me (25 Points) – Reach The 5th Island Without Speedcoins With Nest Level 4.
12: Big Points (25) – Gain 60,000 Points With Nest Level 4.
13: Giant Slides (30 Points) – Do 32 Great Slides In One Game With Nest Level 5.
14: Island Jump Fever (30 Points) – Reach The 4th Island Being In Fever Mode With Nest Level 5.
15: Upside Down (30 Points) – Turn Your Device Upside Down And Reach The 5th Island With Nest Level 5.
16: Heavy Fever (35 Points) – Be 17 seconds In Fever Mode With Nest Level 6.
17: Healthy Fly (35 Points) – Reach The 5th Island Without Fever Mode With Nest Level 6.
18: Great Morning (35 Points) – Do 10 Great Slides On The 1st Island With Nest Level 6.
19: One Cloudtouch Per Finger (40 Points) – Do 10 Cloudtouches In One Game With Nest Level 7.
20: Feverish Dream (40 Points) – Do 5 Cloudtouches In Fever Mode With Nest Level 7.
21: Stairway To Heaven (40 Points) – Do 2 Cloudtouches On The 5th Island With Nest Level 7.
22: The Holy Island (45 Points) – Reach The 7th Island With Nest Level 8.
23: Ground Slider (45 Points) – Reach The 4th Island Without Doing Any Great Slide With Nest Level 8.
24: Mega Fever (45 Points) – Be 34 Seconds In Fever Mode With Nest Level 8.
25: Byte Island (50 Points) – Reach The 8th Island With Nest Level 9.
26: Heavy Points (50 Points) – Gain 17,500 Points With Nest Level 9.
27: Perfect Flow (50 Points) – 5x: Do One Great Slide Directly An Island Jump With Nest Level 9.

This game shows again that a very simple concept, is always a very nice game. Although you do have to give it good facilities.

I think this is a new Angry Birds, because Angry Birds is so 2010, and we need a new game for 2011 ;)

This must have game for the iPhone cost you only $0.99 so it’s affordable.


Guido Bouwmeesters,
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