This is a brief article that provides a neat summary of what we know about the Nintendo 3DS. The handheld has been released in Japan but has yet to be released in Europe and America. Once it’s released, you will be able to buy one for $249.99 or approximately £229.99. You’ll have two colours available to chose, Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black.

The 3DS is a powerful console – it has two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU, 4MBs of dedicated VRAM, 64MBs of RAM, and 1.5GBs of flash storage. Some developers have even commented that some aspects of the Nintendo 3DS’s power exceed that of the Wii. The 3DS also allows the user to see in 3D without need of any glasses. How does this work? The 3DS sends two images to the left and right of the player, but slightly off-set, causing you to ‘see’ in 3D. This is subject to the player holding the 3DS directly in front of them and at a set distance – it does not look 3D at all angles – though apparently the range is reasonably wide to allow some freedom. If you don’t like the 3D effect or if you think it’s messing with your eyes, you can turn it off.

The 3DS has some many good games upcoming – including the Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, a new Mario Platformer, Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus, and Steel Driver. But what’s also welcoming is that, unusually for Nintendo, the line-up of third-party games is very strong. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon are coming to the 3DS. Konamia is releasing a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. SEGA is due to release Sonic and Super Monkey Ball 3D games. Two Resident Evil games are on the way. Square Enix is even going to release their newest installment of Kingdom Hearts, Dream Drop Distance, on the 3DS. In other words, the DS has plenty of games.

The 3DS also has it’s own eShop, where you can download new firmware, and also a retro games download section where you can play classic gameboy colour and gameboy games. But it’s not just games the 3DS will be playing. You can watch movies on your 3DS, all in glorious stereoscopic 3D. From the eShop you’ll be able to watch trailers for any Nintendo product, such as Skyward Sword. The console also serves as a ‘social’ device – you’ll be able to create your own Mii avatar and chat to other players. You’ll be able to read news automatically on your 3DS. The 3DS even has the ability to take 3D photographs. All in all, the 3DS is an excitingly comprehesive handeld!


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