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The graphics of Skyward Sword appear to be somewhat ‘cel-shaded’ but although they are perhaps a mix of The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, the graphics are not actually cel-shaded. Shigeru Miyamoto attributed them to being ‘impressionistic.’ Overall, the game looks excellent for the Wii. The characters are very cartoony and vibrant, but the environments are brilliant. The colours used lend to an excellent atmosphere, and is rich with detail and character. It looks like the world beneath Skyloft is going to be a joy to explore!

In terms of the sound, the games’ music seems set to be like another combination of Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker. I presume the music will be a bit more ‘epic’ and will not be as midi-like as The Wind Waker, but there are some recognizable sounds from the game such as the grunts of defeated enemies. Once again Link is going to be mute, only making noises as he fights enemies.

Hardly anything is known about the plot of Skyward Sword, and Nintendo is keeping things very much under wraps in this department. The two Skyward Sword trailers just show Link in combat with enemies and any references to plot are non-existant, except for a flash of a shady-looking character in the 2011 trailer, whom many believe will be Vaati. We know that Link is from a world in the clouds named Skyloft, and that the land below it is an ‘evil’ land of some sort.

Skyward Sword is definately going to be the most radical Zelda game in terms of controls. Perhaps the biggest changes are that now Link is right handed, and his movements are mapped closely to the Wii Motion Plus technology. For example, swing your Wii Mote in one direction and Link will swing his sword in the same direction! It looks like your shield will play a much bigger part in this game too, since you can swing the nunchuck to block. It’s going to make fighting enemies insanely fun, as long as the Motion Plus system has sufficient accuracy and depth in detecting the player’s movements.

There are a few classic items returning to Skyward Sword, but there are also a few new controls. The player can press A to make Link sprint, a really neat addition. The game’s most unique item has been revealed to be a Mechanical Beetle. It functions a little like the Gale Boomerang in Twilight Princess, or perhaps even the Magic Boomerang in Oracle of Seasons. The player can send the beetle flying and control it’s path, using it to grab items or even transport bombs to hard-to-reach places. It looks like, then, that Skyward Sword has some traditional elements of Zelda gameplay but at the same time it will be a significantly different experience than before!


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