Futuristic CityMy Fantasy On How It All Will Be In 50 Years, what’s your opinion?

Tornadoes, Hurricane’s, Volcanic Eruption, Floods, Earthquakes, Avalanches, Blizzards, Hailstorms, Heat Waves, Tsunamis,  Landslides. In 50 years we have to deal with them every day, every hour and maybe even every minute all around the world if we don’t change our behaviors, and be much nicer to Mother Earth.
There is nothing to don’t take this serious. Scientists are trying to really warn us for what can happen to us, if we don’t change how we live.
But there is a small, but nice fact which can help us survive the warnings of the scientists. That fact is as follows: In the history of the Earth, we had to deal every 100 years with warnings from people who were saying that the world is going to end. Scientists looked up all data from the past centuries, millenniums, and discovered that there always was a new solution to keep it as it always was, but then with technology. We have always found new inventions and solutions for the problems we had. So why can’t we find a solution for it now?
While we are discussing about the environmental problems we will have in 50 years, we can also look forward for the good/cool things that will be invented in 50 years.
In 50 years, we will have a population of 26 billion people living on earth, and 3 billion people living in space. We are having this huge amounts of people, because there was finally peace, all around the world with the new equipments which were invented. Like a machine which will make a leader of a group of people who have bad ideas, like the Al-Qaida, very nice and friendly. But how can you put them in such a machine? Well there are lots of more things invented, like the searcher, you’ll have to type in a name, and then it will show you all possibilities around the world, and where they are located on the precise meter. And lots of other stuff were invented to stop the war. PEACE.
An other thing we will have in the future, is wireless eating. Like we now have a wireless mouse, in the future you can eat with a wireless foodmachine, really helpful. Also there will be (of course) flying cars, and flying bikes. All the cars are really good, so you won’t crash, or crash with another car. This is how it works: When you step into your car, you’ll put a destination in the navigator. The navigator is connected to a huge server under the sea, it will calculate your speed and height for every centimeter. All the cars are connected to the server, so that’s why it has to calculate your speed and height, so no one will ever crash again. “And what if the server will crash himself” Well there is a backup for the backup for the 5 backups for the server, so everything will be all right! The speed of the cars is because of this really high, the slowest car in 5 years, since the server was there, will be 500 km/h.
There won’t be any hunger and/or starvation anymore in the world, because of the wireless food. This foodmachine will be in a lot of countries, and will send the food to everyone. Also there will be a food supplement which you only have to take in every month, so you have enough food in your body for one month. So only 12 tables per year per person. There will be 26+3 billion people coming from earth, so 29 billion * 12 = 348 billion tablets per year, and this will be doable because of the high production of the machines, which won’t pollute any dangerous gasses for the climate of course!
So my conclusion is that we will find a new solution for the problem we are dealing with.
Although this might be a little bit too much fantasy, it all will be all right.
Extra conclusion: Maybe I used to much fantasy.

What’s your opinion?



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  1. Luke Fowell Luke Fowell says:

    Of Course the technology of the future will bring new and unbelievable things to us all. I think what you are describing is more 250 years in the future.

    Secondly, fundamental laws of physics state you cannot get something from nothing. Therefore they will not be enough resources on the planet to cope with the demand for food, medicine and materials. If you consider that everyone on the planet (26 Billion as you quote) eating a healthy amount of food, can you imagine the quantity that would take? Currently I would say more than a 1/6th of the worlds population is underfed and countries like the UK and the USA eat more than their fair share.

    3 Billion living in space also would be somewhat impossible by that point. NASA currently are predicting they can send a manned mission to Mars or Europa by 2030, so that’s 29 years. We are hundreds of years of developing powerful enough engines to make space travel the new train journey.

  2. Guido Guido says:

    I know that a lot of what I have described may be even more then 50 years in the future. But it was just my fantasy, haha.

    But you never know. In the past we also couldn’t think of airplanes, computers, cell phones, televisions etc. And they also appeared quickly! SO maybe there will be something like this in the future, although it can differ from it, but the idea might be the same ;)