Where to find IHOP discount coupons?

ihop pancakesIHOP or International House of Pancakes is one of those restaurant chains that serve breakfast foods such as delicious pancakes, omelets, French toast and waffles not only in the mornings but all day along.   If you are a regular eater at IHOP, you can cut a few dollars off your bill every time by using the latest IHOP coupons that are valid in your area.  Here, we will give you some tips about how to find IHOP coupons.

Coupons are often released by restaurants such as IHOP to promote their brand or introduce new menu items.  These vouchers and discount coupons are usually unique to the restaurant and you’d need to fulfill some requirements to redeem them.  Because most of the IHOP restaurants are privately owned, it is up to the particular location if they participate in any promotions such as discount coupons and vouchers.

As per IHOP, one of the most common ways of finding IHOP discount coupons is the Sunday newspaper. You should regularly check your local newspapers on Sundays for these coupons and vouchers, as it can save you a few dollars on your next pancake meal at IHOP restaurant.

If you know how to search for information on search engines like Google, within a few minutes you can find printable IHOP coupons online that will save a lot of money on your next visit to IHOP.

Another popular way of getting IHOP coupons is through special coupon websites which publish the latest coupons of major brands – from restaurants to cosmetics. Usually the coupons on these websites are shared by the members of the websites.  Other people can rate if the coupon is working or it is useless.

You can also hop on IHOP’s Facebook page.  If you become a fan of this page, you’d get a bunch of great offers, coupons and other deals online.  Usually these discount offers would be sent directly to your Facebook account.

Once you get your hands on an IHOP coupon, don’t forget to check the terms of use and expiry date. Before you head to an IHOP restaurant, make sure that you fulfill all the criteria mentioned on the coupon.  There may be special conditions, like limitation on the number of coupons per table or minimum order purchase.  If you are in a doubt, you should always check it with the restaurant manager to confirm if the coupon can be used at that location.


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