If you‘re a wine enthusiast like many, you may find that shopping for the perfect wine on occassion is a fun and exciting task.  However, many who enjoy wine and are perhaps not quite as educated in regards to the intricacies involved in selecting a fine wine may choose to utilize the service of a wine club.

A relatively newly developed subset of the wine culture, wine clubs have been created to allow the more casual enthusiast to enjoy fine wines on a regular basis.  Most often times offering monthly or quarterly subscriptions, wine clubs deliver a selection of wines to keep your cellar continuously stocked with the newest and best available on the market.

Whether you’re a fan of reds, whites, or enjoy a combination of both, there should be a package to accommodate your tastes.  Themed wine clubs are also available, specializing in different grape varietals or wine regions.  However, whether you’re a fan of cabernets, merlots, or shiraz, you’ll be able to find the club that fits your taste and drinking habits.

Though the concept is claimed to have been invented back in 1972 with the Wine of the Month Club, many other wine clubs have sprouted, especially since the popularity of the internet has simplified the process of connecting with a customer base.

The most popular of the wine clubs has always seemed to be rely on quarterly shipments; and, among the programs here are a few clubs which stand out.

  • The California Wine Club
  • Zagat Wine Club
  • 4 Seasons Wine Club
  • WSJ Wine Club

Whereas the California Wine Club offers two premium bottles per quarter at an $80 pricepoint, others like the Zagat Wine Club, 4 Seasons Wine Club, and WSJ Wine Club have a standard shipment of 12 bottles of wine per quarter at prices ranging in the $129-149 range.

Any of these wine clubs would be a fantastic choice for the occasional wine drinker or most dedicated wine enthusiast, as you’ll always be able to enjoy the finest wines delivered directly to your door—all you’ll have to do is pop the cork, sit back, and enjoy!


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