Is there art to making money online using ClickBank Products?

There are so many methods of making money online, from the more normally accepted and better known methods such as eBay, Adsense and Amazon to the less ordinary ways such as Linkshare and Clickbank.

In this article I am going to explain several methods of making money using this companies affiliate scheme.

Clickbank, but what is it?Promote a Clickbank Product

Well, the best and easiest way of describing Clickbank is it is very similar to Amazon from the point of an Internet Marketeer, however the products are digitally delivered and the commission payments are higher, MUCH higher. In fact, the Commission payments can be as much as 50-60%, that’s a wee bit better than Amazons starting 4%.

With Clickbank, like Amazon, registration is Free. Upon completing the simple sign up you should head to “Marketplace”, where you will find lots of categories of products for sale, digital products. Each product has a short review, it shows what the product is, how it helps the would be purchaser and how much you make on each sale, your commission.

How Do I Promote Clickbank Products?

Advertising Clickbank products is not only easy, it’s downright Ludicrously simple. You don’t even really need a web-site.

Methods of Promotion could include;

Facebook - Just punt it to your friends!
(Why not ask if they’ll offer it on, share it with their friends too for a massive social impact.)
Twitter - Much as above, tweet your Product Choice.
(Use a URL Shortener if you can)

Promote a Clickbank ProductBut, by far the best way to advertise Clickbank products is with the use of either an eMail list or a Website.

It’s simple if you have your own “opt-In” eMail list, just write a short note explaining the benefits of the product, most come with the advertising literature, and send them the link. Easy.

Someone always responds, especially if you have a large list.

How? Use a Website to promote Clickbank Products;

Website Sales are without doubt the best way to advertise and promote your selected product. In the ideal world your site will have information relevant to the Clickbank Product you have chosen to market;

For Example;

You’re an SEO Guru and you run an Internet Search Optimization Site, helping users with the SEO of web pages and websites.Then choosing a Website or SEO oriented product to promote would be an excellent choice, you would not only have potential customers, but the likelihood is, because they are on your site, they are looking for SEO related material anyway. Targeted Customers get a better Click Through Rate than untargeted customers.

Should this article be titled; How to make money from a Blog? Perhaps, because your blog is alos an excellent place to promote a clickbank product. In fact, Making money from a Blog using this, How to promote a clickbank product guide would work very well indeed, especially if you have a well viewed blog.

Then it’s all about Numbers and of course that means TRAFFIC.

You should be aiming at a 3% success rate, which means for every 100 Clicks on the product link you should be hoping to get 3 sales. Simple math, send 100 customers for 3 sales, send 10,000 customers for 300 Sales. Get Promoting is the KEY.

What is the Current Best Clickbank Product to promote Right Now?

The current number 1 ClickBank Product is Commission Crusher, it is a truly spectacular piece of software, and brand new. So, if you raise the traffic, then you automatically raise the profits; if the payment is $20 dollars per sale, then 300 sales is a LOT of money in not a lot of time.

The Clickbank Graity is HUGE, but more on that in another article in this series.

I’ll leave you thinking about what 100,000 potential customers could do for you….

Next Week;

How to Monetize a Site with Google Adsense, including;

How to get an ADSENSE Account with ease, even if YOU have been repeatedly turned down.


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