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Q: I just submitted few articles all of them a ranked last (so does my author rank)
A: Ranking script is activated once in few days, until then new articles are ranked last and so do new authors.

Q: I submitted extraordinary high qualiy post and it is ranked so low, how come?
A: The most important aspects of the ranking algorithm is the user engagement with your post, the newer your post is the less data exists for the ranking algorithm to process, hence the lower ranking. If your post is really great, its visitors will react in a way that the ranking script will identify and score it highly. Don’t worry, let time to its work.

Q: I just browsed the blog and saw quite a few low quality posts, how come?
A: As long as the authors don’t break the above rules their posts are published, some of the authors publish “non-rules breaking” but still not high quality posts. But, thanks to the ranking script, eventually (after few rotations) the worst authors will get delisted. Still, it will take some time until even the 100th author will be a very good one.

Q: Videos or images are allowed in posts?
A: Yes they are. More then that you will get extra points for creating a “media rich” post. But, like in content – don’t use copyright material, you’ll get banned for that!

Q: Can I link to authority sites? Will it be counted as one of the two links I can put?
A: Yes you can. No, it will not count as one of the two links you can put. But, all posts with more than two links are reviewed maually by me and if I don’t realize the extra links are to authority sites you’ll get an email asking you to remove those. You’ll just have to reply explaining which links are to authority sites and why.

Q: Why the posts links are so long?
A: The posts links contain all the relevant categories and subcategories it is an SEO advantage (the link is keyword richer and is more readable for the SEs).

Q: Is that long link structure means my post is that “click far” from the homepage?
A: Nop, all categories including subcategories are one click away from the homepage.

Q: Do you really check that posts are unique?
A: Each and every post is checked for uniqueness by CopyScape and my own special scripts. Read the next question:

Q: I got an email banning me from your site for using suplicated content, it is not my fault, I bought the content from a writer who guaranteed me it is unique. Please un-ban my account.
A: It is your responsibility to verify every post you add it unique. You can use CopyScape , you can copy paste random parts to Google or any other method. Using non-unique content will ban your account, no matter if it was done on purpose or by mistake.

Q: You banned my account for using duplicate content even though my post “passed CopyScape”, why?
A: CopyScape is just a tool it is not the judge, the fact that your post passed CopyScape is a good sign but it doesn’t necessarily means your content is unique. More then that, some spinned content pass CopyScape while spinned content is not allowed here.