Ten days have already been passed since IPL(Indian Premier League) started but still we are missing the magic of IPL, what IPL was known for is totally missing, simply put that IPL is missing the magic of Lalit Modi, the former IPL commissioner. The way he started the IPL was amazing, he brings the electricity of cricket in all cricket fans through first three season of IPL. Anyway he is no more the commissioner of IPL, so it would be better if we forget him and enjoy the game as it is now.

IPL4 started on 8th of April and it is 19th now, we saw many happy, unhappy, dramatic and shocking moments, the team which was on the top of the list is now at the bottom and the team which was not the favorite of experts is now at the top of the list. And the run machines who were the favorite of cricket fans and many have already bet on them are not making runs, at the other hand the players who were not on paper are making runs, one of them is Paul Valthaty of Kings XI Punjab.

IPL4 brings 2 new teams and many new players from India and overseas, the Pune Warriors and Kochi Tusker are two new teams, they bring two new franchise. All the franchise bought their players and most of the players who played last 3 seasons with someone else have been now drafted to others, so we saw many changes, many matched pairs and many unmatched.

The Australian and Bangladeshis, who could not join their IPL teams at start due to their match or busy schedule are now joining their teams and the other hand Sri Lanka Cricket Board send a message to all their players to return back till 5th of May to practice for their upcoming series, it’s a big issue for all franchise who invest a lot on them will now face the problem in absence of them BUT the dialogues and conversations are going on between BCCI and Sri Lanka Cricket Board. BCCI wants that they should stay till the end of IPL as their coming series has many days left, even BCCI told that if Lankan players go back BCCI will think to select those players in next season. It might happen that the Lankan players will not be seen in next season.

So we are seeing ups and downs inside and outside field. Lets see what happen in coming days in IPL, hope we will see many more great matches in IPL and we will entertain ourselves.


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