Do you remember the first time you went to Disneyland? It was a magical experience for me and many other kids. When you take your kids or grandkids to Disneyland it will be an experience they never forget, but neither will you. There are many Disney related princesses and princes, worthy of taking photos of and posting to Facebook.  Not only that, there are hours of activities, shows, and rides to go on with the whole family.  Many generations can gather for a great time where everyone can be a kid for the day.

The park is very accessible for grandparents to amble around in.  The park is laid out in a flat manner and most ride allow for wheelchair access to the front of the line!  Some people think that it is even better to be a attendee if one is in a wheel chair because they can cruise through lines!

The fun never stops at Disney Land.  Most days have a parade, a fire works show, on top of the regular events and attractions like rides and manicured gardens. Cast members, also known as employees, work hard to keep the magic alive for each attendee and the park is impeccably clean and efficent at keeping all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

The fastest way to get to the front of the lines is to buy your tickets for park entrance online.  Don’t forget to also purchase a parking pass or carpool in because nothing inside the magic kingdom comes cheap. Some locals buy annual passes which can be quite cheap if you visit on a monthly basis.  If you are a visitor, you may want to buy your tickets ahead of time.  Like most things, purchasing them online can get you a great discount.  Those who are looking to get disneyland tickets online can buy them 24/7 and often at a great discount to the front gate prices. Remember to get tickets for all the members of your party ahead of time so that you can avoid the long lines because some one forgot to get their ticket with the rest of the group.

This post has been in part sponsored by DN Tickets, so be kind and check them out!


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