Gadgets and men are just the perfect combination. Not to say women don’t like a good bit of technology, because they do, but with men, gadgets are the saviour, the second coming. After a hard day at work, there’s nothing better than not moving for a few hours and shot gunning terrorists in the head whilst chatting away with your mates on a microphone. Here are the best game room gadgets for the true tech fan.

G1 Transparent Pool Table

If you’ve ever seen the film, The Break-Up, you’ll know that all Vince Vaughn wants in his house is a pool table; he doesn’t care about flowers, paintings or scatter pillows – the pool table is top of his list, and can you blame him? With such gadget-laden pool tables like the G1 transparent, it enables the dream of many people to have a pool table in their home. It may be juvenile, pathetic and hopelessly impractical, but a pool table that is transparent is just the coolest thing ever produced, dreamt of or manufactured. Owning this table would instantly create the perfect game room. A real must buy!

Vintage Vending Machine

Any vending machine will do, but if you really want to splash out, get an original Coca-Cola vintage vender. It may cost around £6600, but it looks very, very cool – which, let’s be honest, is all that matters. Creating the perfect games room isn’t going to be cheap, so dig deep in those pockets and buy a vender that will quench the thirst of your mightily impressed friends. It won’t do much, but it will add a touch of authenticity to your gaming nirvana.

Pinball machine

What games room is complete without a pinball machine? A lot of people pre-PlayStation generation were brought up with pinball machines. They became an addictive way of spending your money in a legal and friend-orientated way. With plenty of colours, themes and designs available, there’s something for everyone in the pinball game. If you’re a trekky, an X-Men fan, a Batman nut, or a lover of Back to the Future, then you’ll be well catered for.

PlayStation 3

This may divide opinion, but like it or lump it, the PlayStation 3 is the superior gaming device over the Xbox 360. Joke… *realises death could be on its way*, because there is no superior device, it just comes down to what you prefer. If you’re serious about a gadget game room, however, a top-end gaming machine is essential! You’re not going to be playing pool and refreshing your throat all day, and for those times when you just can’t be bothered, there’s the PlayStation or Xbox. Just make sure you buy a HMDI cable so you can enjoy high quality graphics or Dave AKA ‘geek-a-zoid’ won’t be happy.


So, by now, you’re probably thinking you’re going to be as skint as MC Hammer – this game room malarkey isn’t cheap! But you’re going to need a nice TV to play on the aforementioned gaming devices, and if you want to create the wow factor, get a 3D TV. Now, you may have to re-mortgage for this, but it’ll be worth it to play Gran Turismo 5 in 3D. Just think how cool you and your friends will look sporting 3D glasses and driving cars you’ll probably never own. That is living the dream right there!

Surround sound

While you’re buying that 3D telly, you had might as well buy a surround sound system so powerful it will remove fillings. For hard-core gamers and geeks, sound is everything. You can’t sniper someone from 400ft on Call of Duty without being able to hear their brains hit the ground. If you do get a surround sound system, remember, you’ll probably need an optical cable and HDMI lead. Try and buy a system with around 1000w of output, that way you’ll be sure to annoy every single one of your neighbours for several hours a day. Perfect.

This article was produced on behalf of Home Leisure Direct – suppliers of pool tables, football tables, jukeboxes and other essential games room assets.



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