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That’s right, Mary-Kate & Ashley are adding on to the empire they’ve been building since they were wee young lasses on Full House. From what I can remember, their net worth is valued somewhere around a billion dollars from all the straight-to-DVD kids movies, makeup, and clothing lines they’ve launched over the years.

Well, if you’ve been wondering what they’ve been up to lately, this is your lucky day. They are launching an eCommerce clothing site called in July.

Partnerting with Josh Berman, founder of the now-pretty-much-defunct MySpace who has an eCommerce company called BeachMint, the twins will start off by selling a collection of eight different cotton t-shirts. The twist here is that is a membership site. For $29.99 a month, members are shown personalized items based on a questionnaire they filled out and they can choose to buy a recommended piece(s) or opt out for that month. If a member decides to opt out, they will not be charged.

Of course, the site will be integrated with Facebook and Twitter so that the subscribers can get their friends’ opinions on the clothes. It will be very similar to, which uses the same platform and peddles jewelry designed by actress Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter.

Obviously, I’m all for eCommerce sites being more than just an online payment gateway for products. It’s great that the trend is moving toward combining social media and personalized options into the purchasing process.  But $30 for a cotton t-shirt each month you want to buy one?  And there’s only 8 different styles to choose from at the launch? I’m sorry, that sounds a little absurd to me.

I understand that America’s celebrity obsession plays very well into these type of business ventures, but let’s be real. “Ashley Olsen designed this and she said it would be perfect for me so I bought it!  Wheeeeee!” It’s just a little much, no? I wonder how many members belong to It must be doing relatively well to expand the “Mint” brand, however I have to wonder how many people are just dying to buy an over-priced t-shirt that either Mary-Kate or Ashley might have helped design.

It’s too much foolishness for this credit card payment processing merchant to handle, so I will just leave you all with this:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Talk About Full House

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