maria-shriverSay it isn’t so! Former California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, staunch democrat and former news anchor Maria Shriver have separated. They married in 1986 and just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last month. In a statement released by the couple, the word “divorce” was not mentioned, but rather that they’ve amicably split for the time being.

In reading more about the two of them, I found out that Maria did not want Arnold to run for Governor of California but she stood by him when he decided to run anyway. After he was elected, they did not move to Sacramento, the state’s capital, but instead stayed in their Brentwood mansion. He would take a private jet between his home and Sacramento. Oh, and did I mention that Arnold is now working on becoming an international advocate of green energy? I wonder if this is something he just dreamed up recently, since taking a private jet back and forth is extremely wasteful. But I digress.

After Arnold became Governor, she quit her role as an NBC News correspondent in order to focus more on her new role as First Lady. I have always found it interesting that the two of them have very different political views. I mean, her uncle was JFK. She comes from a very prestigious family of Democrats. Arnold, on the other hand, is a Republican and was a Republican Governor for the State of California. I’m so glad that she didn’t change her political affiliation for him. I’m glad she was strong enough to stick her political beliefs.

arnoldIt’s apparent that the couple has been apart for awhile. Back in March, Maria posted a video on her Facebook page and talked about how she was going through a transition in her life and wanted to know how others have handled big transitions in their lives. And two weeks ago, she was spotted without her wedding ring.

Now comes the news that Maria has been contemplating a divorce for about two years – so it sounds like she’s the unhappy party. According to sources, she couldn’t put up with his infidelities anymore amongst other things. The source also claims that she was going to call it quits in January of this year but her father passed away and she was distracted from making the decision.

Obviously any information outside of their official statement should not be taken for the truth. No one really knows what goes on inside a marriage except the two people who are in it. But don’t ask me, I’m just a merchant account and credit card processing marketer who also loves a dose of celebrity gossip every now and again.

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