It is a commonly understood fact that, at this moment in time, there are not many people in Hollywood, nor on the planet, who are better dressers than George Clooney. The ER star is effortlessly suave and sophisticated and is the cause of many a female swoon and many a moment of envy amongst men. So, how exactly, did the former be-mulletted star of Return Of The Killer Tomatoes become the best dressed man on earth.

Before starting his acting career Clooney originally worked as a shoe salesman and this is where a lot of his wealth of knowledge could have come from. After this period Clooney joined Hollywood and was, to put it bluntly, a victim of fashion wearing all the latest styles regardless of how ludicrous they were (aforementioned mullet included) until the 1990s where he made a conscious decision to grow up in the sartorial sense.

Out went the ludicrous hair and clothes and in came the sophisticated style that we celebrate today. Monochrome suits and black or tan Oxford shoes came in as part of a conscious decision to re-appropriate the Golden age of Hollywood’s style. The key to Clooney’s look, however, would be the simplicity of the clothes he wears. Peacock-ing and the “look at me” desperation style of contemporaries is put to one side as Clooney realise these ensembles, as favoured by Micky Rourke et al, actual detract from rather than add to a man’s looks.

Clooney’s style also, in a small way, is constructed through confidence. The former Batman actor is a man who knows the look he is trying to achieve and knows how to get it – he, allegedly, even cuts his own hair in the cool side parted style that has become somewhat of a trademark for him in the last twenty years. His choice of mens shoes is a perfect illustration of simple elegance as he never plumps for anything show-y and instead keeps with elegant designs, more often than not brogues or lace-up Oxfords. Tan shoes go with nearly every colour, as George has realised and exploited, and the off camera Clooney has melded almost completely into the ever charming Danny Ocean of the Ocean’s series. A true fashion icon status has been achieved by remembering to not overcomplicate things.


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