The Holy Bible is the collection of letters and religious texts that have been gathered from the early Christians that have lived before and after the birth of Jesus Christ. This is the main basis of Christianity and Judaism and has become the best-selling book of all time.

The Bible has been written and re-written for more than a hundred times already, with a lot of versions and numerous translations. One of the versions that have been written in the modern times is the message bible.

The message bible has been created by Eugene H. Peterson and has been published in installments, which began in 1993 up to its completion in 2002. According to its creator, this new version of the New Testament was conceptualized because he realized how hard it was to understand the Bible in its original Greek translation. This version is said to be an idiomatic translation of the original words of the Bible.

Peterson endeavored to put the words of the New Testament to a livelier version with the hope of bringing the message of the Bible to two kinds of people: those who haven’t read the Bible yet because it seemed unimportant and those who have read its messages so much that the real meaning of the Word was already lost. He intended to translate this part of the Bible into contemporary phrases and idioms to be able to make the message bible easily understood by the common people. He aimed to make the Bible an interesting book which can capture the attention of the many.

A few portions of may be acquired without the permission of its publisher in any of these four forms: written, visual, electronic, and audio. You may quote at least five hundred verses from this version without the consent from its authorities. This aims to give the people a preview of what the version of Peterson is all about.

Translation into a more interesting language is a powerful tool in making the Bible known to the people. This is exactly the reason why many versions of the bible have already been published all these years. Language is constantly changing, and to be able to cope with this reality, texts of the Bible must also be constantly translated into versions that can be understood by the contemporary people. The goal of Peterson in making the message bible is to facilitate the reading and the proper understanding of the New Testament. Also try to see the that is best for daily devotion.



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