Christians, Catholics, Methodists and every religion and sect that believes in the existence of Jesus Christ in the lives of humans adhere to a sacred doctrine known as the Bible. The Holy Bible is known to be the word of God itself. It is popular for the wisdom and inspiration that it gives its readers and a lot of religions base their teachings and preaches in this sacred book. Because of its popularity and the willingness of people all over the world to read and understand it, a lot of translations and versions have been published to make it more accessible and understandable to readers of different races and ages. One of the most patronized versions is the Contemporary English Version or the CEV Bible.

The Contemporary English Version of the Bible is published and distributed by the American Bible Society. It was first published and introduced to the public in 1995. It is also known as the Bible for Today’s Family. The CEV Bible is basically a recent translation of the holy book into English that is generally understood even by children of young ages.

Since the older versions of the Bible carry archaic and Old English language, some people find it difficult to understand it to the extent that they end up getting tired of comprehending the passages in the Bible, especially those in the Old Testament. The contemporary English version project was the result of the studies done by Barclay Newman in 1985 where he studied the speech patterns used in commonly read and printed mediums such as books, newspapers, and magazines. These printed mediums have one thing in common: they all contain a lower level of language that everyone would normally understand without any difficulty.

It can be said that the aim of the Bible is to propagate the word of God. Thus, the contemporary English version or the will help fulfill that goal easier and more efficiently. This version of Bible would absolutely help people to understand the word of god in very concise construction of words and sentences.It is also worth checking out these forgiveness quotes for people with bitterness in heart.


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