Easy Steps for Teaching Your Kid to Read by Using Kindle

Till date the Kindle e- book reader is the best that is available in the market, not only for your reading requirements, but for your kids too. The size of Kindle is 7 inch, which is quite easy for the 4 to 5 year old kids to hold in their hands. The company has specially this small and light weight devise for kids, who are their target audience. This devise is easily managed by the children, without your being worried whether they will drop it or not while carrying it in their hand. The Touchscreen devise is quite an interesting interface for kids of this age, and Amazon has made it quite intuitive. The scratch resistant screen is what appeals to most of the parents. Apart from the e-books, this devise, also has the other entertainment features like videos, music, TV shows, movies, etc.

Tips to use kindle for teaching reading to your child:

This e – book is specially targeted for those children who are finding it difficult to cope up with reading. Studies have proved that those children who learn to read earlier are good in academics, as compared to those who are not that adept to pick up reading easily. The most beneficial feature of Kindle, which will help your child to read faster and easily, is that the e – book reader reads the text as the child watches each text. This “text – to – speech” feature is a very big advantage for those kids who are still struggling to read. When the child hears and sees words simultaneously, it gets easier for them to catch up with the reading process.

Benefits of using kindle as an e-book reader especially for children:

The most amazing features of using the Kindle are to teach children to read as they take it as a fun way of reading. As most of the parents are busy with their laptops, and Smartphone, the children also want to imitate their parents. When they are, provided with an e-book reader they become happy that they will also work like their parents, and in this feeling of fun and enjoyment they easily finish chapters and learn to read within a few days. Another advantage of Kindle to be used as a teacher for making your child read is, that this devise has a color display, which makes the reading experience so much fun than looking at monochromatic text books. The size of the text in this e – book reader can be adjusted according to the need of the child.

A new dimension to education with the help of Kindle:

You will be surprised to know that some renowned schools are using these e-book readers in their school to teach reading to children. Overhead projectors are used to show the stories in the white boards, along with the sound. This makes the reading experience very interesting for the whole class. These kindles are used as virtual libraries in the school, and students can read a range of books quite easily. This will inculcate the love for reading books from childhood only.

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