Children who like collecting things are definitely up for collecting stickers, and the task would be made easier with Sticker Books. Parents can go ahead and just buy their kids books for stickers ready-made for the kids to just go and stick all the stickers they want.

While this makes collecting stickers fun, your children will be happier if they would know how to make Sticker Books for themselves. This will let them add their own personal touch to these books, making personalizing quite delightful. For parents who want to help out their crafty children assemble their own books for stickers, here are a few simple instructions.

Making Simple Sticker Books for Children

Crafty hands can work magic in making books for stickers. One of the first things that you must secure first would be the essential materials needed. First would be a solid cardstock, which would hold as the cover of your book. You can have the plain ones for easy themes in decoration, but you can also choose those that will work best for a certain sticker theme.

Girls might favor ones in fancy pink and similar shades, as they are known to collect stickers of the princess variety. Boys on the other hand, might be partial on dark shades that will hold well for stickers of the comic book character variety or even on science and astronomy. Make sure to ask your kid first what theme they would want their sticker book to be, so you will know what kind of cardstock as well as paper for the insides of the sticker book should be.

After, choose the kind of layout you would want the book to be. Whether it’s a portrait or a landscape layout, one must choose. When you have settled on such, punch holes on the spine’s sides on two pieces of cardstock on the same areas, as these would be used to bind the sticker book. Doing this makes for easier opening of books rather than stapling them.

You can then secure wax paper, which you will glue on top of some construction paper. You can choose to glue the wax paper on both sides if you want them to go back to back. Trim the edges so they will measure the same, basing it on the cardstock.

Punch holes in accordance to the ones in the covers, and then tie them off with ribbons for girls or if you can afford to do so, do a ring bind for the boys – which would no longer merit punching holes. Designing such will be up to your children, so leave them to doing it freely. You can also see some Bible Verses about faith on these christian Sticker books.


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