With gas prices constantly increasing, worsening traffic congestion and the environmental impact of car usage, there needs to be an alternative to daily commuting.

Becoming more environmentally friendly is a major concern to many people and important steps are being taken like installing solar power panels, recycling and saving energy use in the home, yet we still have not addressed out daily transportation issues, especially given that in the United States alone, transportation accounts for 70% of oil usage and 28 percent of toxic greenhouse gas emissions.


An electric bike is perfect for anyone who is looking for a green, Eco-Friendly and efficient way to commute. Electric bikes are a growing trend that started off in China but is now moving to European countries, Australia and the US. The reason is that there are so many benefits associated with these bikes, especially for those who are looking for a green and Eco-Friendly commute.


Green Benefits of Electric Bikes

An electric power bike is a highly efficient and Eco-Friendly mode of transportation with zero carbon emissions. They also reduce resource consumption and reliance on oils and gas. Most importantly they leave no carbon footprint, compared to cars that emit one pound of carbon dioxide for every mile.

Commuting with an electric bike allows you to get to get to your destination faster than a regular bike or a car.

Other major benefits of this green form of transportation include:

Get to Work, No Sweat!

An electric bike gets you to work without the sweat and need to shower and change. You can even wear your work attire while you are riding.

Cost Savings

There a huge cost savings to be made in the form of zero gas, no insurance or registration to pay and no more traffic tickets!

Avoid Traffic Congestion and Parking Hassles

Traffic conditions and congestion is becoming worse in every major city. Avoid the frustration of sitting in a car for hours with an electric bike. You can also forget about having to look for parking and the costs associated with it.

Health Benefits

One of the best things about an electric bicycle is that you can actually turn the motor off and pedal away to get the health and cardio benefits. You can do this on your way home from work or as part of your workout plan.

Commuting with an electric bike is the ultimate solution to our transportation problems. You get to avoid traffic, parking issues, unreliable public transport all while saving the planet and reducing your carbon footprint.

For more information about effortless, clean, affordable and efficient green commuting with an electric bike, contact an electric bicycles company and take a test ride.


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