After going through years of education and putting in a lot of hard work to get your qualifications, it can be incredibly disheartening to hear that individuals are struggling to secure science roles in the current, difficult job climate. All hope is not lost though, there are still companies out there seeking the very best talent in biomedical science. It is just about looking in the right places and making your CV stand out from the rest. In this article we will provide you with our top tips for applying for a role in biomedical science.


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Set up science job email alerts

Once you have signed up to multiple recruitment agencies and uploaded your CV to online job sites, you should consider setting up science job email alerts. Make sure the alerts you receive will be relevant to you, by typing in keywords related to the type of roles you are interested in i.e. biomedical science. Most recruitment agencies and online job sites allow you to set up email alerts. You can also do this on the NHS website, which is likely to advertise biomedical science roles from time to time. By signing up for email alerts, you will never miss out on the chance to apply for a role.

Strengthen your CV with volunteer work

Whilst waiting for your dream biomedical science job to come up, you should think about doing some volunteer work to strengthen your CV. This does not necessarily mean working at your local charity shop. Instead, why not volunteer in the science sector? By joining the STEM network and becoming an ambassador, you will essentially be a role model for young people interested in science. As an ambassador you will give career talks at schools, help at career events and support school projects amongst other things. You are only required to commit to a minimum of one event a year and it will look fantastic on your CV!

Register with a scientific recruitment agency

After perfecting your CV, the first thing you should do is register with a scientific recruitment agency. They will have a large database of clients from the biomedical sector, all of which will be looking to recruit talented individuals, like you. Scientific recruitment agencies will help you find the right role and provide you with support during the application process. They will have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure you are matched with the right organisations (e.g. Kinetica) and job roles. It is worth keeping in mind that some organisations will only recruit through trusted scientific recruitment agencies, as they guarantee high calibre candidates. Therefore it is essential that you sign up in order to increase your chances of securing your dream role in biomedical science.

Join LinkedIn

If you haven’t already, make sure you join LinkedIn. Today many organisations recruit candidates that they spot on the social media website. For this reason it is important to make sure all of your qualifications and experience can be seen on your profile. It is also worth searching for connections and reading through the online job adverts.


Read job specifications before applying

Many hospitals and other organisations in the biomedical science industry use scoring systems to shortlist their job applications. Scoring systems are created according to the specification of the person wanted to fill a particular vacancy. It is really important that you read and understand a job specification before filling in an application form, as if you do not input the correct information, your application may automatically be discarded.

Maximise the chance of getting shortlisted by ensuring you know what the organisation is expecting from your application and making it obvious that your application is for that particular role and not just a job in general.


Biomedical science is a competitive industry, with so many people competing for the same jobs. For this reason you need to make sure you are looking in the right places for science job roles and finding ways to make your application stand out from the rest. Remember your application is just the start. Yes it might get you shortlisted for an interview, but it is up to you, your skills, knowledge and fantastic personality to dazzle the employers in your interview in order to secure your first job in biomedical science.



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