If you have come to the decision to seek some private tutoring in order to help you with your studies then it is likely that you are to some extent struggling. In order to get the most from your tuition and thus catch back up with your fellow pupils it is essential that you make the right decision and find the best solution for your study needs.

Parental assistance

Many pupils will turn towards their parents when they are struggling at school and they will be sometimes be able to assist them – especially whilst children are still quite young. However, as children become older and their schoolwork becomes more complex parents can struggle to understand or explain concepts to their children. It can be difficult for adults that have not been professionally trained to teach. When family members work together there is always the possibility that tensions could arise, which can boil over into arguments. This is of course not a great environment to be trying to learn in.

Group tuition

It is likely that as you approach exams additional study sessions will be put on at school to help pupils maximise their chances of securing good grades. It is always a good idea to attend these and brush up on all areas that are covered. However, there is the likelihood that you are struggling in specific areas in which you need extra guidance. Working in a group setting does not allow for tailored or one-to-one tuition, meaning you may not received the help you require on specific topics.

Hiring a private tutor

There are always plenty of teachers and university students who are offering their services for private tutoring sessions in their specialised subject. Obviously this route means you are going to have to pay for your tuition, however the investment should prove worth it in the long run. Having your own personal tutor means that all sessions can be tailored to target any areas of weakness and that you can receive immediate one-to-one advice and feedback. There is however some drawbacks to personal private tutoring, such as travelling to and from the place of study, possibility that the tutor may be ill and the hassle of vetting candidates before you find a suitable tutor.

Online tuition

One method of private tutoring that has really taken off in recent times is that of online tuition. Innovative companies are providing virtual classroom environments that allow pupils to study from the convenience of their own home. Lessons are planned so that students can undertake important group work and also receive one-on-one tutoring as and when it is required. There is also the option to attend lessons that they feel they need extra help in; offering a specifically tailored solution. Not only does online tuition remove the hassle of having to find a suitable tutor and having to travel to and from the place of study; it is also usually a cheaper option than hiring a private tutor.


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