Before knowing about research facilities in engineering colleges in India, first let’s brief up, what is engineering and how research work is related to engineering

Engineering is the discipline of art, art and profession of acquisition and application of scientific knowledge, mathematical, economic, social and practical skills to design and build structures, machinery, equipment, systems, materials and processes in order to carry secure improvements to people’s lives. And research means diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, and applications.

It means scrutinizing the subject its arts and science.

Engineering research is to learn and build new technologies for product design. Unlike scientific research, technological research is not concerned to discover how the world works, but how things can be made to work for a particular purpose.

This research could mean a lot of scientific research, but as engineers strive to create real solutions to design problems. Development as part of research and technological development refers to the attempt to build truly the final product, various stages of development, each with varying degrees of preparation, may be necessary to plan for success.

There are more than 200 engineering colleges in India. The list of engineering colleges in India is endless. Engineering is a prevalent hub for the students.

Now let’s talk about facilities provided by the engineering colleges in India to the students.

Engineering colleges in India are very vast; keeping the government colleges aside, all the private institute charge good amount of money, well there is also a major reason because they provide you with the best infrastructure, the best faculty and obviously with good placement .then it is very obvious that they will provide the best and good scrutinizing facilities like – Laboratories Engineering includes a blend of both theoretical knowledge and practical work. Excellent laboratory facilities and workshops are provided for students.

Next is the Library well libraries are very important part of any institutions. It provides you with every information it’s a collection of manuscripts, publications, and other materials for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference.

Third is the Research Facilities Research and development activities are closely related in the various engineering courses. To meet the persistent demands of industry and business houses with whom the institution has longstanding and intimate contacts, the infrastructure facilities are provided by the way of sophisticated instruments and specialized expertise in various fields.

Fourth is the Industrial Tours Engineering colleges emphasizes that the students of 3rd, 5th 7th semesters of various departments must go on study tours every year under the guidance of the respective faculties to acquire practical knowledge which is vital during their study.

Fifth one is the Students Welfare Engineering colleges has a student welfare committee under the chairmanship of the chief adviser comprising of the Director, all HODs representatives of the students to look after the welfare of the students. This committee recommends scholarship, educational loans, financial aids, free studentship etc. to the students.

All these things help a student to get free, comfortable and research easily.



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