For several years there has been growing concern over the level of education that students are receiving at school.  The subject of maths has been of especial concern, as highlighted by a recent report by the independent advisory panel of ACME.  The report has shown that following GCSE courses, many students do not have the basic level of mathematics that universities and employees are looking for.  In order to ensure that they don’t fall short of the levels expected; many students and their parents are looking towards a maths tutor to supplement their education.  Recently available information detailing a drop in teaching standards offers an insight into why a maths tutor is a requirement for an ever increasing number of students.

Degree qualifications

A recent study by Buckingham University has shown that the level of degrees held by many maths teachers is not comparable with those teaching other subjects.  Most would agree that teachers should hold a degree that is either a first or a 2:1 classification.  However, the study – called the good teachers training guide 2011 – has revealed that many maths teachers hold a 2:2 degree.

A struggling subject

Considering just how important a subject maths is, you would expect the level of teaching to be of a good standard.  However, it is in fact the classics that have the best teachers and the study has shown that just over 92% of trainee teachers in this area have a 2:1 level degree or better.  Worryingly, maths trainee teachers are some of the worst qualified, with only 51% holding a 2:1 or better degree.  The results highlight the continuing fall in the quality of maths teaching and it is understandable that demand for the maths tutor continues to rise.

Considering online tuition

The problem with hiring a maths tutor using the traditional method is that there is no guarantee that they will be any better than your or your child’s teacher.  This is due to the fact that the majority of maths tutors are either teachers or university students looking to subsidise their income.  By considering an online maths tuition solution you can remove the likelihood of a maths tutor that isn’t up to the expected standard.  This is because online tuition providers are able to choose from the very best applicants as many tutors who are attracted by a better rate of pay and the convenience that online tuition offers.



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