If you are looking to start a business in Sweden then you will want to read this I have info and links to all sites that will help you get everything you need to start a successful business in Sweden.

Here in Sweden there is a huge amount of help for those of you who wish to open a business in both English and Swedish.

From loans to advice which you should take advantage of as this can really help you…..

one of the first things you will need to do is to pick a name for your business and register the name so to protect it, this can be done at bolagsverket.se

this is Swedish version of companies house, there is a charge of 1200 Sek/ £120 UK this will protect your company name and guarantee you are not breaching anyone’s copyright and no one can trade with the same name as you.

Next you will need to register with TAX office and get what we call FSKAT and this will give you a MOMS/VAT Number, to do this you will need to visit: skatteverket.se here you will find info in many languages. It is free to register as an FSKAT business.

Tax will be paid monthly and will be base on your projected 12 monthly income.

Along with Tax you will also need to pay social Contributions this is to cover you should you lose your business and become unemployed

So now you have the basics covered we can start with the details you now will need to put together a good business plan and find finance to help you with this you can visit: verksamt.se here you will info in Swedish and English with templates and information on were to get loans and so much more.

You can also contact the almi.se they can provide loans at much more attractive rates than the banks also offer 250,000 Sek loan  without collateral for small business.

If you are lucky enough to live in Malmö/ Sweden then there is also MNC here also you find a huge collection of info and tools to help you with your new business.  in English as well as Swedish.

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