Here are our top tips for keeping your office looking its best during holiday periods. No fuss required!

You may have employed one of the most prestigious commercial cleaning services to look after your office throughout the year, but during the holiday periods you can often find that your office seems more unclean on your return than when you left. Here, we’ve listed out top tips for keeping your office looking its best during holiday periods:

  • Have all staff do a massive clean out of their offices and desks before going on leave- Having everyone in your office clean out their designated work areas is a good idea. Not only will it mean that everything will be neat and tidy on their return but it will also mean that the half eaten chocolate bar won’t be given a chance to attract unwanted rodents.
  • Getting the major cleaning jobs done during holiday periods- Holiday periods are a great time to get things done that you aren’t normally able to do. Getting the carpets cleaned, and even the lounges steam cleaned in the common areas and meeting rooms is a good idea so that everyone can come back to a nice clean office. It is always before these major breaks that damage to property is inevitable due to the silly season so organising the carpet cleaning is not only a good measure but it’ll stop you stressing when you see staff members drinking red wine and playing limbo at the office Christmas party.
  • Pest control- Pest control may also be something you may want to consider getting done while the office is on holidays. It can often mean that no one can enter the area for a few days so during holiday breaks is a great time to get this done.
  • Don’t forget to maintain the regular cleaning schedule- It’s important to remember that although there may be no one in the office for a week or two, maintaining the routine of having professional cleaners coming in and cleaning your office is still important. Germs and other bacteria can grow and multiply, especially without interruption. So having your computers, kitchen and bathrooms cleaned regularly while you’re away will stop the build up of harmful germs and bacteria.

Everyone looks forward to the holidays and it’s only natural to get a bit blue when going back to work. Returning to a clean, tidy office can make the experience much easier than coming back to piles of dust, papers and dead cockroaches by the toaster in the kitchen.

Maintaining your office is so important so that you, your staff and your clients enjoy being in the environment. Even if you have employed a company that specialises in the best office cleaning on offer, there are still a few things you should consider when your office will be uninhibited for a lengthy period of time. Rodents, germs and common dust can accumulate during holiday periods so it is still important to put measures in place to maintain your office during times when it may be vacant.

Depending on the size and type of business you have this could be as simple as maintaining your regular cleaning schedule to make sure you have your office fumigated and the carpets and upholstery steam cleaned ready for the new year.

Either way, I hope our tips on how to maintain your office during holiday periods has given you some useful tips on how to make sure that everyone comes back from leave to a clean, fresh environment that encourages productivity and emulates a positive atmosphere.


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