Hydotaps offer many benefits to any workplace. Here, weʼve listed why once you have one, you wonʼt know how you lived without it!

Hydrotaps offer a range of benefits for any workplace. Not only are they a water filter, but they offer immediate hot or chilled water for making drinks. Here, weʼve listed some of the top benefits of installing a hydrotap in your workplace kitchen. From filtering out bacteria to offering the best tasting water around, there are a number of reasons why once you install a hydrotap, you wonʼt know how you lived without it:

  • Stop using plastic: Many work places order plastic bottles of filtered water for their staff and to offer clients. The fact is that this is simply not sustainable as we realise the impact of large quantities of disposable plastic bottles on the environment. Not only will a hydrotap save room in the fridge, but it will also mean that your business is doing its part to reduce the output of plastic bottles into the environment.
  • Creating a recreational space with ease: So you are in desperate need of creating an area where staff can chill out for a bit and have their lunch or just go when they need a few minutes of quiet. Whatʼs great about hydrotaps is that you can install them just about anywhere, so you create a break room anywhere in your office by simply installing a hydrotap and providing staff with the necessary utensils and condiments to make a hot or cold drink.
  • Boiling water, without waiting for the jug to boil: You had a bit of a spontaneous late night last night and in one minute you need to be in a meeting with your boss for the next two hours. Going in without hot drink is not an option. Hydrotaps are excellent when you need boiling water in a hurry because they are ready to go. So when you need to grab that long black and run, you can.
  • Cut tea time: If you are working in an office where you are just one of the many tea and coffee addicts constantly in the kitchen, a hydrotap will not only help save time, but your company’s money too. When the water in the kettle needs to boil three times to meet the demands of staff who are in dire need of their 3pm cuppa, it can take time and staff can lose momentum. But if you have a hydrotap installed and everyone can get their hot drink and be on their way, you wonʼt lose out on staff work time due to lengthy afternoon chats in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil.
  • Impress clients with your : Letʼs face it, we all have those clients who are so hard to impress it seems like nothing we can do is quite right. The last thing you want to be doing is offering them chilled plain old tap water at that all important meeting. People pick up on the little things, and there is a distinct difference between tap water and purified water. Offer your clients only the very best when they come to visit.

Hydrotaps not only help to filter out bacteria and germs but can also help to assist with the smooth running of your business. I hope our list of the benefits of installing one has given you some insight as to why many businesses have a number of hydrotaps installed throughout their office spaces.


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