Waiting List – How Does it Work

Joining the Top 100 Writers is only through the waiting list, why? Cause there are currently 100 writers so “theoretically” there is no room for new writers, but… Every few days (I’ll get to that in a sec) the worst 10... read more »


Top 100 Writers Badge

What is the Top 100 Writers Badge? It’s your way to tell your sites visitors that you are part of the top 100 writers. More then that, they will be able to see your current ranking. Being an active (or even a former) writer here will increase... read more »


Posts Rules

All the rules for posts are listed here. Although all the writers received the ground basic rules by email when they joined, with time new rules are created. This is the place where I add them and although each time a new rule will be added... read more »


How to add featured image to your post

Adding a featured image to your post will increase significantly the traffic to your post. Why? Cause the image will appear next to your post on homepage (which is the most trafficated page on the site) and that way it will draw more attention: Adding... read more »


Solar Power Your Home

Solar Power Your Home! With staggering energy costs and an increasing pressure to cut carbon emissions, it’s hardly surprising that the government is backing renewables like solar power. If you jump on the bandwagon now, you could be in for... read more »


Spice up your Green Tea with extra ingredients

Expand the potential of Green Tea Green Tea, drunk throughout the day is definitely an indispensable part of the everyday life of the Japanese. Today, however, people are adding new flavors to their preferred beverage by mixing green... read more »


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