All of us know that everybody has a very limited time as everybody is busy with his routine. All of us have to do a large variety of tasks daily and it often becomes very difficult to spare time for tasks out of our routine. This definitely affects our performance and this situation is really worrisome. So it becomes the need of hour to find means to cope with this issue. One of the ways to overcome this issue is to boost up the productivity so that more works are done in less time. This can only be done by managing the time.

In this write-up, we will try to learn some techniques to boost up the productivity. When you think of becoming more productive, you mainly emphasize on doing more work and surging ahead of your competitors and when you feel that you have achieved this goal, you find a more promising life ahead. You will have more values to add to your life and you will find your self more benefiting for your organization as well as the society. Let’s have a look at those practical tips that are going to bring about a great change in your life.

Increasing one’s Productivity:

1. Clearing the clutter- Clutters are probably one of the largest hindrances to being productive. This is very crucial to get rid of clutters and distractions from your life particularly when you are dealing with an important task. You can take initiation from your inbox; delete all unwanted emails as soon as you see them in your inbox.

2. Take the 1st step- Whenever you feel that you are loosing interest in your work and you are unintentionally trying to procrastinate, just repeat the first step. Don’t do the task for more than a few minutes after you start it. More often than not, you will not be willing to stop your work in the midst rather you try go for it unless you bring it to an end. For most of the people, the first step is a hard nut to crack but if you really want to become super productive, you have to force yourself for it.

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3. Perform the most important tasks first – When you find that your to-do list contains a large number of tasks, the best thing is to start your day with the task which is the most important. The reason behind is that at the beginning of the day, human body feels energetic and enthusiastic. That’s why you should complete you most important tasks as early as possible. The greatest advantage of this practice is that this will release pressure and you will be to do the rest of your tasks with greater concentration and interest.

4. Simplify tasks – When you encounter an uphill task, just remember ‘divide and conquer’ rule. Try to split this task into smaller but simpler tasks. In this way, you will be able to solve these smaller chunks easily and thus completing you actual task. This rule applies to almost all types of tasks no matter how large or difficult they are. This technique is popular among all successful managers and organizers who lead different organizations and institutes.


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