While many a musical elitist will bemoan the digital age, preferring instead the time they could walk into a record store and route through thousands of vinyl discs in an act where searching for was as much a part of their enjoyment as actually listening to records, there is much to be said for the many benefits of eCommerce and eProcurement.

In the digital age one thing customers can get now, more than at any other time, is convenience; it is possible to find directly what they are after at great speed thanks to the power of enhanced search facilities.  With a vague notion of a product it is possible to use filters, keywords and optimised suggestions to find and purchase with great ease pretty much any product imaginable from computer hardware through to obscure foreign films. Another advantage is that the products will, more often than not, be delivered directly to the purchasing address; buying a large ensemble of electronic goods does not necessitate a great physical struggle in transporting them home from a retail suppliers. This option can also be used to specify shipping delivery to several destinations; particularly useful if a business has several active addresses. These features help reduce workload and increase buyer’s efficiency.

Due to these increased efficiency levels the cost of selling equipment has fallen and the internet has made it easier and quicker for businesses to purchase the goods they require; eProcurement has streamlined purchasing and, as such, has helped businesses save time which they can now spend on being more productive, creative and giving their customers the best service they can. For example it is now possible for an employee to make an order, perhaps a laptop, without even leaving their desk. Nor do they have to speak to anyone on the phone to make this order. The seconds saved on placing orders can be re-directed elsewhere and thus help with time management; time is money and, on top of the expenses saved from traditional purchasing methods, eProcurement can save a company a lot of money.

eProcurement is also a great way for a business to keep track of their company’s expenses. Rather than hand some money to an employee to purchase their own IT equipment or computers, everything purchased is now easily traceable and everyone is much more highly accountable for their expenditure than had previously been the case.



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