Money, money, money… everyone wants it, but few people think of seeking out a coach in order to get it. This is usually because most people are unaware of the field of personal coaching, and have no idea what a personal coach is or can do for them.

In addition to this, only a small percentage of people are aware that the amount of money they will make in their life is determined by the programs running underneath the surface of their awareness, in the subconscious mind; they don’t realize that if they really want to change the amount of money they make in their outer world, they actually need to reprogram their subconscious mind to accept themselves as someone who is comfortable receiving and handling large amounts of money in their inner world first.

While most people spend time thinking about how to get money, and asking themselves ‘how can I attract money to myself’, often what they notice happening for their efforts is that money seems to become even more elusive for them. Even on those occasions when they do somehow manage to make a little more, something always seems to happen that takes the money once again, or saving the money that they’ve managed to manifest just never seems to happen as they originally had planned to do with it.

Why does this happen, you wonder? Simple… in the case where you just can’t find a way to get any more money, you’re repeating the emotion of “I want” and “there’s a lack” to you subconscious, so it keeps bringing you what it thinks you want, more feelings of wanting, and more feelings of lack. It’s the law of attraction, where you are attracting more of the vibration you’re already in.

In the case where you do manage to make more money, but somehow things just keep happening to take the money, or it never ends up being able to be saved, your subconscious mind is repelling the money because deep inside you don’t feel worthy or deserving of it, so it’s doing what it thinks is right and making sure you only have what you feel you’re deserving of.

Until you successfully reprogram the subconscious mind, the same patterns will continue to occur, as it is the subconscious mind that is actually in control of your money life.

There was an interesting article in Psychology Today a while back about a study that had been done on people who were considered to be “lucky”, and people who considered themselves to be “unlucky”, in order to discover what was different about them. In the study, they asked people to simply take a walk down a sidewalk in a park. That was the experiment.

To the unlucky people, there was nothing very special about the walk at all, it seemed. For those who believed themselves to be lucky however, a very high percentage of them were surprised to find a $20 bill laying on the ground. The money had actually been laying there when the “unlucky” people had walked by, as well, but their subconscious programs created a mental filter which didn’t allow them to see the money laying just to the side of where they were walking. Again, this is the power of the subconscious mind. Even though the same opportunity was there for both types of people, those who believed they were lucky found the money nearly every time, while those who’s minds were programed to think they were unlucky didn’t.

In another experiment, people who initially believed they were unlucky were found to increase their scores on similar experiments remarkably when instructed to repeat the belief “my luck is about to change for the better” before starting. Simply beginning to think that it was possible that their “luck” was about to change was enough to change their perceptual filters and allow them to find money which was just to the side of a path they were asked to walk. Such is the power of the programs that are running all the time below our awareness, within our subconscious minds.

If you want to break through subconscious blocks that are keeping you from attracting money into your life, you may want to consider starting by working with , someone who’s been trained in the area of subconscious beliefs about money, what’s referred to as a “money coach”, someone who is proficient in surfacing your subconscious programs and can help you install new, far more powerful ones in their place.

Once you’re able to see what the programs are that have been running under the surface of your mind for all these years, within your subconscious mind, and replace them with more powerful money attracting programs, you’ll see opportunities to make money all around you that you hadn’t seen before, as well…


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