How to Create Effective Low Cost Promotional Packages

Working with low budget promotional gift ideas.

Everybody in marketing at some point or other has had to deal with the issues created by clients with low promotional budgets. These can be very good clients, particularly if they’re startups and highly aspirational, but their bottom lines have to be respected. It’s not good business for the client if they’re spending speculatively. It’s also not good business for the marketers to hit the client with excessive cost bases. The client may understandably decide that marketers who don’t understand their cost constraints aren’t a good option. So things like promotional gifts have to be costed within a realistic bandwidth.

The low cost promotional package- Yes, it’s doable

The best approach to low budget promotions is actually psychological.

If you’ve got a promotional budget of $5000, you need to start thinking laterally and looking for a range of options, not just creating a package per se. The real issue is effective promotion, and that doesn’t have to be cost-driven. You can actually approach the problem from the opposite perspective- What do you have available for promotion purposes that you don’t even have to pay for?

There’s the product itself to start with, and any related, naturally associated products. These associated products can be major values of themselves.

For example:

Say your client is a gardening supplies business. The core products being promoted are new garden troughs and flower pots.

The client has relevant marketing products on hand:

  • Seed packets
  • Bulbs
  • Small trellises
  • Garden ornaments
  • Quite probably other low cost goods

The net cost to the client is zip or something very like it. These things are already paid for. You also have a built-in product focus using these materials and you can even push a few other products as well. All you need to do is assemble these things and manage the presentation angle.

Important note:This is also a very positive relationship-building exercise between marketers and clients. The client will appreciate learning the values of marketing options in their business, and the marketer can prove their value to the client by keeping costs viable. The client is also a potentially priceless source of information about their product range. They’re usually experts, but don’t know how to translate their knowledge into marketing processes and don’t know how to distribute promotional packages effectively.

Packaging on a budget

Your $5000 budget hasn’t even been scratched at this point. You can now go to work on creating a high value presentation package. A bit of research into promotional goods providers can pin down presentation costs very effectively. The promotional goods industry is extremely competitive, and if you quote a figure like $2000 as a budget, they’ll be able to provide you with a package deal including things like customized shopping bags or promotional bags in approximately 5 minutes, complete with delivery charges built in.

For that $2000, you will be able to provide the client with a good supply of packaged promotional materials, gift wrapped, and looking fantastic. You’ll also have a re-order function built in with the supplier at the cost of a click on your computer.

Pretty painless, isn’t it? The client gets a high value promotional product and you get a client who’s now seen proof you know how to handle their business promotions. The client’s customers get good value promotional gifts. No losers, only winners. Try this approach. You’ll be fascinated at what can be done.



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